Beer is coming, continued.

Boy, here’s a real dilemma.

To someone with a business background as rich and deep as Bill Battle’s, the pros and cons of beer sales at the collegiate level are simple.

“The pros,” Battle said, “are money.”

And the cons?

“What you think they would be,” the Alabama athletic director said in an interview Tuesday with “Security issues, fan behavior issues, all the things that go along with it.”

Yeah, there’s a tough call.  Were I in the beer business, I think I’d have my sales pitch ready to go.



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7 responses to “Beer is coming, continued.

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    If your a visitor at an Alabama game… please drink responsibly!!


  2. Krautdawg

    “Fan behavior issues.” Please. I thought I had a right to do what I want with my body!


  3. Cosmic Dawg

    Because, of course, you needed a business background to make that analysis.


  4. Randy Newman- big fan of LSU

    When this issue was first raised my initial thought was how is this going to go over in Baton Rouge. But then I remembered that my co-worker and her sister sneak a box of wine in Tiger Stadium for every game. Not a big deal.


  5. Dawgoholic

    Are y’all saying that we’re not supposed to be drinking in the stadium now??


  6. Cousin Eddie

    GT to offer 3 near beers and a hot dog soon?