Bobo digs the long ball.

One thing the injuries took away last season was the big play on offense.

“It’s hard to go eight, 10-play drives all the time,” Bobo said. “You like those plays where you throw it out there and they take one to the house, or they take a swing pass and go for 20-to-30 yards. And we had to work for it a bit more last year. We still had our fair share of big plays, but not as many as we had the year before.”

Last year, Georgia had just three completions of 50 yards or more, and one was a catch-and-run by tailback Todd Gurley. (The 75-yard touchdown against Florida.) Another was the 85-yarder to Scott-Wesley, whose services were no longer available after he tore his ACL at Tennessee in the fifth game.

Compare that to 2012, when Georgia had nine pass plays of 50-plus yards, all but one of them by wide receivers.

Last season the Bulldogs also saw a dip in pass plays of 40-plus yards (just 11, down from 19 in 2012) and 30-plus yards (28, down from 32). Michael Bennett and Chris Conley, the team’s leading receivers last year, didn’t have a catch of 50 yards or more.

The low point came in the loss at Vanderbilt, when the longest catch was a 17-yarder to tailback J.J. Green.

I get where Bobo’s coming from here, but here comes the big “if”:

“If we can get Reggie (up to speed), and Malcolm and Justin back, that opens up not just the passing game, but the running game,” Bobo said.

Davis actually showed me something at G-Day, enough that I can see him as a real contributor this season.  But this offense is probably going to open up as far as Mitchell and Scott-Wesley can take it.  And that’s something we won’t know until we see if Mitchell shows up healthy for the opener.



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17 responses to “Bobo digs the long ball.

  1. sectionzalum

    i enjoyed watching our 3rd and 4th tailbacks – both guys were really easy to root for – but play action was a whole lot more convincing with Gurley or Marshall in the backfield.


  2. uglydawg

    “You like those plays where you throw it out there and they take it to the house”. OH Yes! And I like those plays where a big, fast, strong running back blasts through the LOS and cuts to the sideline and the race is on too!
    Hope to see Gurley and Marshal in the backfield together. Gives a unique problem to linebackers and corners… Can anyone say how quick our guards are at pulling on a sweep?


    • Doggoned

      And then came Chubb…


      • Macallanlover

        And there is always Michel who, until the two big track and field conversations over the last two weeks, was perceived as the best running back we had coming in. The level of excitement about Chubb makes us a fan base who may be looking at another Gurley/Marshall level infusion of talent just 3 years after the original….and this has even more fanfare surrounding it. Everyone knew getting Marshall and Gurley was big, but it didn’t get close to this much press and conversation. We have solidified, or regained, our TB U title it seems. And this doesn’t even factor in Turman and Douglas. If only we were 1/4 as successful on OL recruiting.


  3. South FL Dawg

    I don’t know much but I know you need at least one guy who can burn the defense for the long ball.


  4. Ed Kilgore

    Aside from the possibility of re-injury, what do we know about Mitchell’s condition? I either didn’t hear anything about it during the Spring, or forgot it in a senior moment.


  5. JasonC

    Did anyone else cringe when Bobo mentioned swing passes going for 20-30 yards?


    • Gurley and Marshall both did it last year. Those guys in 1-on-1 with a linebacker are tough to defend in space. Marshall in particular hit a couple of big plays of swing passes before he got hurt.


  6. Rebar

    The vertical game went down with all the injuries and that impact on the offense shows just how good AM was last year.


  7. AusDawg85

    Shorter Bobo…1st & Bomb remains in the playbook.