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These are a few of my favorite plays (of 2013), ctd.

Here’s one that probably didn’t register so much at the time, both because of subsequent events which shall remain nameless and because it’s not a flashy play, but it’s one I love to watch.  It’s a Todd Gurley run on the drive that put Georgia ahead – briefly – against Auburn (dial the clip up to the 2:36:45 mark and watch):

That’s how you blow up two defenders on a run.  Danielson does a great job setting the play up and then breaking it down, doesn’t he?  “My goodness”, indeed.  The only thing you don’t get from the broadcast that we sensed being there was how unstoppable Gurley and Murray seemed during that fourth quarter run.

Gurley is an amazing combination of power and speed.  And he wasn’t at close to 100% for that game.



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