These are a few of my favorite plays (of 2013), ctd.

Here’s one that probably didn’t register so much at the time, both because of subsequent events which shall remain nameless and because it’s not a flashy play, but it’s one I love to watch.  It’s a Todd Gurley run on the drive that put Georgia ahead – briefly – against Auburn (dial the clip up to the 2:36:45 mark and watch):

That’s how you blow up two defenders on a run.  Danielson does a great job setting the play up and then breaking it down, doesn’t he?  “My goodness”, indeed.  The only thing you don’t get from the broadcast that we sensed being there was how unstoppable Gurley and Murray seemed during that fourth quarter run.

Gurley is an amazing combination of power and speed.  And he wasn’t at close to 100% for that game.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Then on the very next play, we are penalized for 12 men on the field. Georgia football.


  2. Debby Balcer

    When I clicked on the link I saw the entire fame. When does that play start?


  3. gatorhater27

    I love watching Gurley run through people, but the best play of that game was the Murray run on 4th down with 1:00 to go. That’s one of the best plays of the Richt era, imo (moreso if that awful thing hadn’t happened) and is the epitome of Murray as a players and a leader at UGA.


  4. 69Dawg

    Damn Defense.


  5. The end of that game does not get better with time.


    • Was just thinking the same thing…stopped watching when Auburn got that last possession. It would have been more than I could bear again…it was the summation of the defense’s season right there. In retrospect, watching Harvey Clemmons miss the interception in the previous series, it made me think he was just so eager to make a splash. Others have said it, but now I see what was going on. It was just so painful after the valient effort of the team.


  6. John Denver is full of shit...

    Aaron Murray deserved that game more than anyone. period.


  7. Mayor

    The play that gripes me the most–even more than the JHC screw-up–was the final play of the game when Dee Ford earholed AM and…no call! All that BS all season long about flagging hits to the head. BS call after call to Georgia and other SEC teams as well when the hit wasn’t even really to the head. Now, when the game is on the line, Dee Ford (a notoriously dirty player) launches himself (another violation), hits Murray on the side of the head with the top of Ford’s helmet and…no call. Which game official had the responsibility to make that call? You guessed it–Referee Penn Wagers. When asked after the game why he didn’t throw the flag, Wagers stated that Murray “wasn’t a defenseless player.” Huh? He is a QB and was in the act of passing the ball!! Wagers needs to be banned from ever reffing another Georgia football game. But he won’t be. Our cowardly AD won’t take any action. Georgia should have been given an untimed down with the ball at the 10. I’m betting that Murray throws a strike if given another chance and Georgia would have won that game, even with all the defensive screw-ups.


    • uglydawg

      Mayor, you’re thinking on this is the same as mine. Wagers should never be allowed to ref a UGA game again. He’s a F-I who hates Georgia. He’d NEVER get away with this against Bammer or Florida because he’d get Saban’s foot up his ass and Boom would probably tear his head off. Somebody at Georgia needs to tell the SEC that if Penn Wagers shows up for a Georgia game it won’t be played. Or run a play that runs over him with the full back and two pulling guards and Gurley running the ball…just run him down and over. He’s cost UGA more than we’ll ever know.. (which game was it where he flagged CMR for saying “that’s crap” when the refs literally gave the ball to the opposition? He wasn’t even in on the call but ran over to get into the fray so he could make his point) .And the hit on AM not being called after Georgia was penalized and had players ejected (Vandy game) is just adding insult to injury. The little asshat needs to be fired.


      • CitadelDawg

        The “That’s Crap=Personal Foul” game was the SAME game. Penn Wagers managed to F-up that game multiple times.


    • 81Dog


      there are not sufficient words to describe how much that non-call sucked. I guess you could dial up the outrage to the Al Ford/Sanks masterpiece, and then dial it back just a hair.


  8. uglydawg

    “and he wasn’t even 100% for that game”. With a healthy Gurley and a normal injury list…Auburn gets the big smack -down in that game.. Georgia would surely have had the best offense in the league. What could have been very well could be this year. Stay healthy my Dawgs, please!


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Comment deleted at commenter’s request.


  10. That run was about as close to Herschelesque as it gets. #3 might be the best tailback on the planet regardless of level of play right now. Possibly Aaron Murray’s finest hour in a Bulldog uniform ruined by a bonehead on defense.