August: plenty of grist for the blogging mill

Barrett Sallee interviews Mark Richt, who has good news if you’re a Georgia blogger:

B/R: Is it safe to assume that, since some pieces are moving around to other positions and schools, that some of the pieces of the secondary are falling into place?

MR: Yeah, I think so, but we don’t have anybody who’s nailed down a spot in the defensive backfield right now, quite frankly. We’re going to see what these new arrivals can do. We have four defensive backs coming in who we feel can compete right away and give us a chance to get better.

Gosh, I tell you, I’ll bet we don’t know who’s starting in the defensive backfield until maybe a week prior to the first game would be my guess. It will probably be pretty deep into camp.

A whole month of practice to gnaw on and speculate who lines up in the shakiest position area on the team?  Thanks, coach.


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23 responses to “August: plenty of grist for the blogging mill

  1. Ginny

    I think the last question/comment does a lot to answer the folks that say Richt is ready to retire and become a missionary. “Coaching is a mission… I can’t really think of a better thing to do with my time with that.” Agreed, Coach.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree Ginny. Had always hoped he would realize he can positively influence young men more, at the most vulnerable time in their lives, as a HC than working as a missionary somewhere. Hope he stays 15 more years.


  2. sniffer

    I don’t follow other programs rosters like I used to and don’t know how prevalent it is to start freshmen these days. We saw what happened with Moreno and Richt took note and has played freshmen when advisable (or necessary). I’m not too worried about the secondary being undermanned but inexperience is troubling. I hear those words from long ago that maybe we Dawgs can find solace in…”My God, a freshman”.


  3. Nate Dawg

    Wow, is that Evil Richt being wily & confident there or am I making that up in my head?


  4. Sallee does a good job with the SEC stuff. He and Michael Felder have dramatically raised my opinion of Bleacher Report over the past year or so. Granted, there’s still some trash on B/R, but it’s getting better.

    I also liked Richt’s quote about not being too excited about having guys leading the conference in tackling, because that just means the defense is on the field for too many plays. Amen to that, Br’er Richt.


    • BR is interesting in that it started with sensationalism, rumors masking as reporting, and boobs. Did they do this in order to get the required audience and now are transitioning into more of a legitimate type of sports journalism? Interesting business model.

      I thought that was a good article with thoughtful questions. And not one link to a cheerleader gallery…..


      • AlphaDawg

        I enjoyed BR when I first discovered it via an article from Forbes. It was still in its infancy and was a great way to quickly find and read about our oppentents the week before a game. I actually found it long before GTP or any of the other great UGA blogs. Then it morphed into junk post requiring 20 clicks to read a 500 word post. I haven’t read a post on BR in a few years and when I click a link to there from here I quickly move on without reading it.


  5. uglydawg

    CMR may be trying to motivate some players with talk that true freshmen may come in and be starters. Of course you can’t judge his tone from the written version, but there doesn’t seem to be any sense of panic or even abnormal concern…but that’s his style all of the time.
    I personally believe things are a little better in the defensive backfield than a lot of people fear. I’m trending Disney.


  6. Mayor

    Actually, I find this news to be a positive. It appears that under Pruitt there is a commitment actually to play the best players on D. One can’t say that has always been the case in Athens.


  7. Mayor

    Senator, without highjacking the thread, would it be appropriate for you to post on the not-guilty verdict returned on Friday in the Jim Donnan case? I have a feeling many on this blog have thoughts on the matter.


  8. Juan

    Is this what we’re looking at?

    CB: Fenteng, Swann, JJ Green
    Backup: Dawson, Wilkerson
    S: Terry, Corey Moore / Matthews
    Backup: Mauger, ???


    • Dawgoholic

      Parrish will be one of the 5 most-talented defensive players (and 5 is fairly generous to the other guys on defense) the minute he steps on campus. He’s also intelligent and was a team leader in high school. Don’t count him out.


  9. I Wanna Red Cup

    I believe CJP came to FSU and had to replace something like 9 starters and I beleive he played/started at least 2 freshman DBs. I think we are going to be more than alright on D. Disney is predicting we give up 7 points per game less, 40 fewer yards per game, and have a positive turnover margin.


    • Dog in Fla

      And before we know it after finishing #5 in the Selection Committee sweepstakes, Jeremy will hire Pruitt as the new improved replacement head coach at Florida to get back at us for Boom’s infiltration


      • uglydawg

        You’re giving away classified information. Pruitt is being groomed to be the next Dawg secret agent planted in the Swamp.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    Summer camp should be interesting, to say the least.

    Defensive backfield, offensive line, backup quarterback, special teams, and situational linebacker spots are all up for grabs.

    Better be ready.


  11. Russ

    Much improved DL play will take a lot of pressure off the DBs. I expect a much better defense overall from last season.