‘Bout damn time

In 2015, Alabama comes to Athens for the first time in seven seasons.


UPDATE:  Here’s the West rotation through 2023.


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30 responses to “‘Bout damn time

  1. Derek

    No Gurley. No qb experience.

    I guess it’s the opposite of 2008. I hope we the opposite result.

    • Mayor

      By then maybe we’ll have a killer D.🙂

    • Dawgfan Will

      I’ll save my hand-wringing over losing Gurley until after we see Chubb, Michel, and Turman in action. Now, QB on the other hand…

      • studawg

        As long as we have a good D, a good O line, and good RBs, we can achieve a lot with only an average QB. After all, Bama did it with McCarron.

  2. FCDore

    Also looks like it’ll be 13 years between your trips to Tuscaloosa! (2007-2020)

  3. cube

    We don’t play in College Station until 2024.

    That means we won’t play a game there in their first 12 seasons (2012-2023) in the conference.

  4. I Wanna Red Cup

    On the bright side, looks like trips to Clarkesdale again in 2016

  5. Pretty good argument for contraction.

    • Or a nine-game conference schedule…

      • Dawg in Beaumont

        Amen. If we’re gonna have a 14 team SEC (which I wasn’t a fan of) we should have a 9 game conference schedule. I know the limitations we would have with out of conference scheduling, but the fact that I’m 29 and will likely only live to see 5 more games (at best) vs. LSU in Athens is absurd.

        14 teams and 8 conference games flat out doesn’t work.

        • cube

          Nothing says “we’re in the same conference” like playing a home and home once every 12 years.

        • MGW

          Even then we still won’t play the old west teams as often as before. you got Auburn plus two per year. now we’ve got A&M stuck in that other two per year even at nine.

          I’ve really got nothing against A&M or Mizzou, but this whole expansion thing is a nightmare.

      • Otto

        This is about the way the SEC was before the split in ’92. I have little problem with it. I had rather see another game from big 5 outside the SEC than a 9 game SEC schedule.

        • cube

          Sorry but this is not even close to the way it was before the split in 92. For the 24 seasons during the years of 1968 through 1991…

          We played Ole Miss 24 times (every year).
          We played Alabama 8 times (72, 73, 76, 77, 84, 85, 90, and 91).
          We played Mississippi State 8 times (70, 71, 74, 75, 82, 83, 88, and 89).
          We played LSU 6 times (78, 79, 86, 87, 90, and 91).

          Expand this new format out to 24 seasons and we’ll play each team 4 times.

        • cube

          “I had rather see another game from big 5 outside the SEC than a 9 game SEC schedule.”

          But that’s not what you’re getting. You’re getting a non-“Big 5” game. See the 2015 schedule for McGarity’s preferred scheduling format (Southern, Louisiana-Monroe, and Georgia Southern).

  6. Spike

    And the annual Old Ball Sack schedule bitchin, begins in 3,2,1….

  7. MGW

    We still get to play Mizzou every year, right?

  8. Cojones

    Red Out! Red Out!

  9. Cojones

    Agree that this is the time to push 9 SEC games. Strategy: Think of how much more money we will make!