“The Murray Deficit”

ESPN pitches its preseason list of the top sixteen playoff contenders, and there aren’t really any surprises there.  But this little statistical tidbit caught my eye:


The Murray Deficit

That’s how many more points per game Georgia QB Aaron Murray contributed to the Bulldogs’ offense compared to an average FBS quarterback.

That doesn’t mean Hutson Mason has to pick up the slack entirely by himself.  It’ll take a village on offense to do that.


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17 responses to ““The Murray Deficit”

  1. Krautdawg

    This is fun. May I also propose two additions to The Murray Deficit (TMD)?

    1) The Grantham Advantage (TGA): The points per game generated for opposing teams by a Grantham-coached secondary.

    2) The Special Teams Snafu Du Jour (STSDJ): The points per game generated for opposing teams by special teams mistakes that should never have occurred.

    Last year, TMD and TGA were about a wash (although in the Auburn & Mizzou games, TGA was greater than TMD). That’s why STSDJ was important at Clemson & Vandy.


    • 69Dawg

      +1000 I love the smell of snark in the morning or in this case the afternoon.


    • Cojones

      Nice. I love it when new data factors flow into our dialogue. “TMD” and “TGA” should be used more often during UGA scorched earth arguments just for fun. Shorten “STSDJ” to STD (as in a slow venereal growth) and you have a trifecta.


  2. DawgPhan

    6 of 16 from the SEC.

    UGA has 2 of them to open the season, 1 other late in the season and would likely face a 4th in the Dome.

    People complain about cupcakes.


  3. Spence

    Where is that in the linked column. I must be missing it?


  4. It’ll take a village on offense to do that.

    It took a village under Murray. I feel good about Mason. Whatever he may lack that Murray had, if anything, he may just make up for it with moxie.


    • Cojones

      Was it Wilson who said he had an “In-your-face” attitude? That and the fact he could take off running is great. Wouldn’t mind seeing Parker stick his nose into the foray as well.


    • DawgPhan

      Lulz…Oh man, I can’t wait for UGA to hoist the locker room chemistry trophy and for Mason to get invited to Birmingham for the Annual Moxie award.


  5. sniffer

    and both the Dixon brothers (end Gerald and tackle Gerald Jr.) look like they could be poised for breakout seasons.

    Sounds like USCe has been recruiting in Wilkes Co., NC, where the burning question is, “if I divorce my wife, will she still be my sister?”


  6. Russ

    Yeah but according to the WWL didn’t Murray cost us all the big games? I don’t understand.


  7. I know advanced stats are all the rage, but Murray himself was worth precisely 4.9 points above average? How in the sam hill does someone figure that number out?