BREAKING: In state recruiting is loaded.

Five of Rivals’ 23 five-star recruits for the class of 2015 reside in the state of Georgia.  That’s more than any state except Florida.

Two of those five are committed outside the state; one has pledged to UGA.  That leaves two more.  Go get ’em, fellas.


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31 responses to “BREAKING: In state recruiting is loaded.

  1. Ray

    Every year I am amazed we don’t have more quality O-linemen coming in…all that talent around us.

  2. Lrgk9

    What nonsense is this? Recruiting info on the GTP blog? Wonders will never cease…


  3. cube

    The 2 committed elsewhere are offensive linemen.

    When I saw that I just shook my head and let out a big sigh.

  4. Sanford222view

    Early scuttlebutt is that we lead for the two left uncommitted. Thompson allegedly is recruiting for UGA and likely will give a verbal commitment soon.

    • CitadelDawg

      That’s encouraging at least. Missing out on 2 5* OL is a real bummer, but if the family ties thing is true, what are you gonna do? I also noticed the top 4* is a Georgia boy and a Bama commit. Dammit Bama.

      • DawgPhan

        Ledbetter is from tucker no less. Where UGA has typically done very well. Tucker certainly has put together one heck of a football program. Lots of top talent coming out of there each year.

    • Red Dawg

      I hope you are right

  5. cube

    Just pointing out some numbers here…

    Of the other 9 in-state guys in this top 100, 5 are committed elsewhere. 2 are committed to Georgia and 2 have not committed.

    That means that of the 14 in-state guys in this top 100, 7 are committed elsewhere and 3 are committed to Georgia.

    I’m not making any kind of statement here other than summarizing these numbers, so don’t assume anything and jump down my throat. I know how hyper-sensitive some fans are about recruiting.

    • The other Doug

      Maybe Richt and CO have a different top 10 for the state of Georgia?

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Of the 7 players in the top 100 verbally committed out of Florida, only 2 are committed to FSU…the rest are committed out of state.

      Of the 6 players in the top 100 verbally committed out of Texas, only 3 are committed in state (Baylor, TT, TAMU).

      Think about being at Florida or Texas and seeing that kind of stat and then take a deeeeep breath.

      • cube

        No deep breath necessary. I had no opinion on those numbers.

        For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t be happy if I were a Florida or Texas fan. Of course, Florida is in the shitter and Texas is in transition.

        Here are some more numbers…

        Of the 19 players from Florida in this top 100, 12 are uncommitted.

        Of the 12 players from Texas in this top 100, 6 are uncommitted.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          “I had no opinion on those numbers.”

          My bad, Hal 9000. Didn’t mean to confuse your wikipedia-like ‘FACTUAL ANALYSIS!’ with an attempt to actually have a conversation.

          • cube

            “an attempt to actually have a conversation”

            You got defensive and attacked a straw man with sarcasm. That’s your idea of a conversation?

            • Irwin R Fletcher

              Beep, beep, boop, beep, beep…’facts’, ‘straw man’, ..beep whirrrrrr….beep beep…..’some fans are hyper sensitive’, ‘i must correct your post,’ ‘sarcastic quotes’…beep beep boop beep beep….

              The upgraded version of the Troll9000 is spectacular.


    • Rocket Dawg

      3 of those guys are RB’s, do you think we really need another one of those in this class? As was stated before Hyatt was a Clemson commit from day 1, Edoga isn’t a done deal with USC either. We should get Thompson, Roundtree and Roquan Smith as well. Put your pitchfork away and step back from the ledge.

      • cube

        THIS is what I love. Gotta love the hyper-sensitivity.

        • The other Doug

          Next time I see Rocket I expect to see him in a pastel shirt, reading poetry, and talking about his feelings. I’ve always known he had a sensitive side, but he has kept it bundled up all that macho tough guy BS.

      • RandallPinkFloyd

        Well said, Rocket.

      • cube

        By the way, only 2 of the guys are listed as RBs, not 3. Also, Gurley most likely won’t be on the team anymore when this class enters UGA and there’s a chance Marshall won’t either.

        I’m not saying we need those 2 guys – just correcting your post and adding a little more info.

        • Rocket Dawg

          What if anything leads you to believe that Marshall coming off of an ACL would even entertain leaving early? We have six RB’s I feel good about and Alvin Kamara will make 7. That is plenty until the ’16 class.

          • cube

            The fact that our coaches say that Marshall will be ready to go this August is what leads me to believe that he might entertain leaving early. That is a perfectly reasonable thing to believe and it is completely unreasonable to say that there’s no chance he would leave early.

            I’m glad that you “feel good” about 6 RBs and another that won’t be on the team this fall (Kamara). Other than Gurley and Marshall, we have 1 (Douglas) who has done anything at the college level. But I do “feel good” about the 2 incoming freshmen (Michel and Chubb).

            • Macallanlover

              I would think he could be the poster boy of why it could be better to come back another year. Unless something changes with TG, he isn’t going to get to show he can be the RB that can carry the load as the prime guy. For someone with one severe knee injury, that could be important. Don’t see how he can command a decent draft position based on the amount of work he has had, and likely will have. Add to that the NFL’s sudden shift away from drafting RBs highly, he could be disappointed. I think he has a lot of talent, or at least potential, but I don’t see him being that marketable after 2014. Fine young man, hate to see him sell himself short versus waiting one year and showcasing himself.

  6. AusDawg85

    Another Richt weakness…not consulting Yahoo Sports and recruiting just the top players they pick. (/eyes rolling)

  7. hailtogeorgia

    I like our chances with Roundtree, and as others have said, Edoga could still be swayed – Hyatt is no chance though.

    I don’t know much about the Westover kid, but you have to like our track record in South Georgia between Bobo’s history and now Pruitt on board from FSU.