“Dear President Emmert…”

Some more Congressmen have written to Mark Emmert asking for information about various and sundry items.  Here’s my favorite request:

The letter also requests, for each of the past five years, a description of all instances in which an NCAA member school has “withdrawn, terminated, or failed to renew a student-athlete’s scholarship for non-disciplinary reasons and by whom this decision was made.”

Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that shit.  Does Emmert?


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5 responses to ““Dear President Emmert…”

  1. Macallanlover

    That’s funny, Saban really may really not have time for this one. Lot of buried bodies in Tusky on this issue. Of course, you cannot argue with a medical “opinion” so it will go no where. The only thing necessary is the NCAA to enforce the 85 scholarship rule as intended, the over signing issue is a slap to their face and they refuse to take it on. The abuse of this “gray area” is the primary reason the West has been winning the SEC Championships recently, imo. It is huge to have an “extra signing class” every 4 years and with UGA and FU adhering to the 85 number on Signing Day they are spotting Bama, LSU, and Auburn about 6 mulligans a season. Easy to come out with better athletes when you get a do-over. Since the NCAA will not act, time for the SEC to do so…..uh, sorry, a little humor there.


  2. Big Shock

    Maybe congress can make a difference here…or maybe congress is the only organization in the country less competent than the NCAA.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Whenever Mark receives a “Dear Mr. Emmert” letter from anyone who mistakenly thinks they’re important, the standard procedure is that Stacey is alerted to put on biohazardous gear and Mark puts on his 3-D Googles. Once both are at max protect, Stacey opens the letter while cueing up this youtube on
    Mark’s $500,000 Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV and then reads the letter to him