Mark Richt isn’t happy he lost control of Laremy Tunsil.

Kendarius Webster is a defensive back from Stockbridge who signed with Ole Miss.  Michael Carvell asked him an interesting question about his recruitment and got an even more interesting answer in return:

Did Freeze ever counter the negative recruiting from other schools? “Not really, because I knew negative recruiting was just part of the business. At one point in time, though, Coach Freeze had a conversation with Coach Richt at the end of the recruiting process. I’m not going to say Coach Freeze got mad, but they had a conversation. I’m not sure exactly what they talked about it, but I heard it had to do more with Laremy Tunsil. He had switched from Georgia to Ole Miss (the year before).”

So Richt was still burning about Tunsil’s recruitment a year after the fact?  Hmmm…



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16 responses to “Mark Richt isn’t happy he lost control of Laremy Tunsil.

  1. Q

    don’t get how coaches, in general, manage to be cordial during pre game. especially those routinely screwed over.


  2. I don’t get as wrapped up in recruiting as some, but I was pissed about Tunsil deal too. You’ll never be able to convince me that that was legit. Nice to see Richt was willing to confront the issue too. No sense in airing it publicly, as every program has their skeletons, but nice to see Richt didn’t just lay down and take it either.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree 100%. I also don’t spend time following HS sports/athletes but the Tunsil switch was filthy dirty and everyone knows it. Recruiting is the seediest part of CFB to me but this was too obvious to ignore by the NCAA and they sat on their hands….again. It only encourages more cheating.


  3. That class for Ole Miss last year should have sent the entire enforcement staff from the NCAA to Oxford. Guys flashing cash on social media and “academic scholarships” for girlfriends and family just have to make you think something was going on. Maybe if Ole Miss continues to get beaten down by the other SEC West schools, kids will just say, “Same old Ole Miss.”


    • Mayor

      The NCAA is worse than worthless. It never goes after the true bad actors but pins minor BS on legit programs who cooperate in their own demise. The way to beat the NCAA is time agressively obfuscate and hire an ex-NCAA type to run your obfuscation program (See Auburn). Ole Miss is just following Auburn’s lead. BTW, Tunsil is the reason Georgia is 1 player short in the O-line this year.


  4. Lrgk9

    By their fruits ye shall know them. Freeze comes off as a dynamic, intelligent, homespun guy.

    But in the end, he’s just Dabo in the west . Paper bags and undue inducements.


  5. uglydawg

    I know little about Ole Miss, but it does look suspicious..but being in the SEC
    W apparently innoculates a program from serious NCAA examination. It concerns me that Auburn has gotten away with the most obvious and flagrant………(fill in the blank)……….. imaginable.


  6. brewdawg

    A good friend of mine is from Oxford and I was in his wedding the weekend before signing day that year. Tunsil was still leaning towards UGA at that point, but my friend kept messing with me saying that he was going to end up at ole miss. I thought Tunsil was still pretty much a lock though, and asked him why anyone would ever go there instead of athens. At the rehearsal dinner though, an older guy came up to talk to my friend and I overheard him very confidently say “we got him” and something to the effect of it being done deal. I don’t know who the guy was or who he knew, but it did’t sound very kosher and we all know how the rest of the story played out.


    • DawgPhan

      You mean you witness an actual bag man in the wild? amazing.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Great story.

      I’m friends with an Auburn family (the kind that really graduated and are good folks) that live in Athens and they have a funny story about being out at a restaurant in Auburn drinking at the bar and the guy next to them was madly texting and making calls to discuss the amounts needed to close some recruiting deals.

      All they could do was shake their heads.


    • Whatever, like you friend was anything more than just another drunk grad


  7. Dog in Fla

    While getting reamed out by Mark Richt, Hugh isn’t happy he lost control of his toenails.


  8. hot12dog

    Even with him we still would have the worst OL in the SEC!