We’re all going to miss the hand waving.

Mark Richt, embracer of KISS.

Pruitt said this spring he didn’t intend to make a call that he didn’t think his defense could execute. Richt heard that comment and called it “music to my ears.” Speaking before a UGA Day event in Augusta on Monday, Richt elaborated.

“I think Jeremy’s wise enough to go at a pace where our guys are going to really know what we’re doing. When you have stability and carryover you have more ability to do more things because guys know what they’re doing. But if you’re starting from scratch and you’ve gotta play a little more basic fundamental football, there’s nothing wrong with that either.”

Hey, better late than never, right?



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11 responses to “We’re all going to miss the hand waving.

  1. Rp

    If you miss it, you can still dial up a Louisville game on the tube.


  2. William

    I’ll happily trade that for a good, clean open field tackle (preferably not 20 yards downfield).


  3. Athens Townie

    Definitely better late than never, but it seems like we’re always just a little too late with this stuff. Late with KISS philosophy… Late firing Willy… Late correcting special teams problems… Late overhauling S&C changes… Late catching up with staffing up movement and roster management…

    Hell, Petrino may have done us a huge favor just by putting all this in motion. Why aren’t we a little more proactive at Georgia? Yes, better late than never. But, better on time than late.

    I wonder if Richt might have won a NC with a few more timely corrections during his career. Hopefully Pruitt will be the one. Would be ironic since it began with Petrino forcing us into action.


  4. Ms. Emily Litella

    What’s all this about the band KISS on this football blog? I don’t mind Kiss although they are a little loud at times and that awful man who sticks out his tongue, UGHH! But nobody should be talking about a rock band here. We want to read about football, Georgia football….what’s that? They were talking about Georgia football? The idea of Keep It Simple Stupid on defense? Oh….Well….Never mind.


  5. In fairness to those mid-80’s Miami teams….they were absolutely loaded with talent and could play any damn scheme they wanted and still kick everybody’s butt. I like the KISS mentality, but let’s not go comparing the current defensive talent situation at Georgia to those prime Miami teams.