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Swag as a form of Dawg Porn

No brag, just fact.

The final question that Jeremy Pruitt received during his time on the stage with fans at Wednesday night’s UGA Day in Columbus, Ga., seemed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to the pulse of the Bulldog Nation.

For those concerned about the secondary entering this season, what comfort could Pruitt offer that Georgia’s secondary is going to be any good this year?

“Well, I can’t (sic) tell you this: I ain’t ever coached one that wasn’t,” Pruitt replied simply, earning heavy applause.

Yeah, I bet he did.



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To reiterate, it’s not that the schools resist spending money…

Case in point:

As has been in the case in recent years, the document showed that former football head coach Charlie Weis received more money from the school in 2012 than did any current athletics employee. Weis again received nearly $2.1 million as part of an ongoing separation agreement…

Kelly was listed with nearly $1.5 million in total pay…

So, yes, Charlie Weis was paid better than a half-million dollars more than the guy who got Notre Dame into the national title game for the first time in decades.  That 2005 loss to Southern Cal will go down as the most valuable defeat in Irish history.

These guys are morons.


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“If you want to coach at Florida… Criticism comes with the job.”

It’s the offseason in Gainesville, and the natives are getting restless with Agent Muschamp.

One animated gentleman asked Muschamp how he’ll handle a 2014 schedule with Alabama, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina and Florida State.

“All those programs are ahead of you right now,” he exclaimed.

A fourth win in a row this year and we’ll start seeing some Gator heads explode.


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I ain’t missin’ you at all.

In case you’re wondering what Brian VanGorder’s up to at Notre Dame these days, here’s a little taste.

I hope this is the type of defense we see from the Irish next year. It’s aggressive without being reckless. Fundamentally sound without being conservative.

When do you think we’ll see something similar from a Louisville blogger?


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Never litigate today what you can lose tomorrow.

The NCAA thinks it would be a swell idea to put off the O’Bannon trial until next February.  Strenuously:

The NCAA is pursuing this line of argument so vigorously that its Tuesday filing did not even address its prior request that Wilken either sever all evidence and claims related to video games from the O’Bannon case or delay it.

Tuesday, the NCAA wrote, in part, “even severance of the videogame claims will be insufficient to avoid Seventh Amendment violations.”

But, according to a transcript of last Thursday’s hearing – which occurred without arguments as detailed as those in the NCAA’s filing Tuesday – Wilken said in response to NCAA lawyer Glenn Pomerantz: “Well, here’s the thing. I just don’t see a Seventh Amendment issue here. … In terms of a separate case, just because there happens to be some overlap in issues, that just doesn’t raise the Seventh Amendment in any way.”

It sounds like Stacey Osburn is gearing up for another no comment.


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Mr. Joyner, your fatal flaw is flawed.

On the surface, this sounds pretty grim:

Georgia Bulldogs

Fatal flaw: Inconsistent secondary play

The Bulldogs are breaking in a new quarterback to replace Aaron Murray, and they have only two returning starters on the offensive line. Those are huge spaces to fill, but the inconsistent secondary is still the most prominent weakness for this club. This group struggled last year, ranking ninth in the SEC in passing yards allowed per game (227.4), and had a horrible spring game. It gave up six pass-interference penalties in this contest, allowed six offensive players to average 15 or more yards per reception, and could have given up even more yardage if not for inaccurate passes.

This roster segment is one of the most inexperienced in college football, as graduation losses and the departures of Shaq Wiggins and Josh Harvey-Clemons leave Damian Swann as the only defensive back on the roster with more than one career start. Linebacker Leonard Floyd will offset some of this with his incredible pass-rushing skills, but it is still looking as though this area of the Georgia defense is going to be every bit the coverage sieve it was last season.

But this is KC Joyner we’re talking about here, so perhaps a grain of salt is worth applying to it (although there always is the stopped clock is right twice a day effect to consider).  I mean, G-Day as a basis for analysis?  Seriously?

By the way, Tray Matthews started six games in the secondary last season.  Corey Moore had seven starts.  So did Quincy Mauger.  I’m not saying they’re All-SEC candidates.  I’m just saying Joyner’s research skills aren’t going to win him any awards, either.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The chafing dishes are full, so knock yourselves out.


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