I ain’t missin’ you at all.

In case you’re wondering what Brian VanGorder’s up to at Notre Dame these days, here’s a little taste.

I hope this is the type of defense we see from the Irish next year. It’s aggressive without being reckless. Fundamentally sound without being conservative.

When do you think we’ll see something similar from a Louisville blogger?



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11 responses to “I ain’t missin’ you at all.

  1. Dog in Fla

    I don’t know about Louisville but in South Bend they’re already looking for a nickname. Amateurs



  2. JN

    If I were that blogger, I would be much more worried about the apparent lack of depth on the defense.


  3. ClydeBoogie

    My, Old Brian VanG “Mr Lord i was born a ramblin man” himself. God bless his wandering soul, I hope Hwy 47, 48, 49 or whichever one it is don’t start calling again.


  4. Merk

    I thought I happened across the ND spring game several weeks ago. The score was literally like 50 something to 50 something.