You’ve got to spend money for them to make money.

I had a feeling this was coming.

Remember, that’s for a home schedule that proudly includes Southern, Georgia Southern and ULM.  Call it the Alabama tax.


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31 responses to “You’ve got to spend money for them to make money.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    In this context modest means: as large an increase as you can present without blushing in shame.

  2. Bright Idea

    Better win a bunch in 2014. Another 8-5 followed by a “modest increase” will go over like a turd in the punch bowl.

  3. Yep, as many times as McG has recently uttered variations of the phrase “We haven’t raised ticket prices in a long time”, you knew this was coming. Will be interesting to see what his definition of “modest” is.

  4. I Wanna Red Cup

    To be fair, it has been along time since the ticket prices have increased, and compared to almost every school I am aware of, our tickets are lower.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Agree. Last year’s game at Auburn was $95 face for the “cheap seats”.

      Clemson was $75.

  5. cube

    Weiszer also points out that the team isn’t flying out of Athens this season. Gotta go fly out of Hartsfield-Jackson.

    That’s not good. With zero traffic, that’s at least an extra hour and a half each way.

    • Bulldog Joe

      At least we’re still flying.

    • Mayor

      I’m sure that has to do with the cost of a charter. A plane flying from Atlanta to Athens, picking up the team, then flying to the game destination, then reversing the process would cost more than simply having the team board in Atlanta and return to Atlanta. Of course there is the bus cost, drivers and gas to consider. McGarity must have figured that they would save at least $5 going the bus route. Cheap bastard.

  6. Will Trane

    Tech and Georgia State probably fly out of Atlanta. Well they are metro Atlanta “schools”. So why is it that the state flagship University has to be put to this inconvenience. Surely the good old gals and boys under the gold dome will remedy this financial injustice to the young men and women from the state at large who attend UGA for an education. Maybe the state will ask Fulton County to redistribute some of their wealth to Athens. Doubted if former mayors Harstfield and Jackson even gave a damn about Athens and UGA. Puzzles many of us in the rest of the state why every damn thing is in Fulton County! Such as highs school playoffs, the Braves [they wised up and are moving], and the state capital. Look at Atlanta is not Georgia. It is the pits.

    • Bob

      Do you REALLY wonder why Hartsfield Jackson is in Atlanta and not Athens? Seriously?

      Does this mean that Georgia is bussing to Atlanta again for the Florida game? I thought part of the deal was the three smaller aircraft that could fly directly to Jax? Is this an airport issue or a being cheap issue?

      • Mayor

        Cheap, cheap, cheap. And if they have to ride in a bus 1 1/2 hours before getting on a plane and then flying to Jacksonville, tell me again how the WLOCP is not really an away game and the venue doesn’t really favor FU?

        • cube

          Good point Mayor. We’re no longer on equal footing with Florida for getting to Jax. Our short flight from Athens to Jax was about the equivalent of Florida’s bus drive over from Gainesville. However, this situation is not equal.

          • So… what does that mean? Is Georgia going to lose 18 of the next 21 because of it?

            • cube

              No, it just means exactly what I said – the situation is no longer equal. And it’s somewhat important/relevant b/c travel time is one of the many factors that often go into how a team performs.

              • How do you calibrate that, since both teams travel? And both travel before the day of the game.

                • cube

                  It’s pretty easy actually. You just compare driving and flight times. Gainesville to Jacksonville is about an hour and fifteen minutes. Our flight time from Athens to Jacksonville was generally between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes.

                  Now we have to drive an hour and a half (at least) before we get on the plane. Florida doesn’t have to do this and can spend that time being more productive.

                  • So how much difference does an hour and a half make?

                    • studawg

                      ENOUGH TO MAKE IT “NOT EQUAL”

                    • Well, I wasn’t convinced by a lower case argument, but now that you’ve shouted in ALL CAPS, color me convinced.

                    • cube

                      I’ve never read a qualitative analysis of travel time vs team performance, so I can’t say. What I can say is that any coach/player/GM/whoever that has ever spoke on the subject has always preferred less travel time to more travel time.

                      I also forgot to mention the disaster that is Hartsfield-Jackson airport on Fridays. That could add to the trip time as well.

                    • I’m really not trying to be snarky here. I just think that weather and travel are very overrated factors in this series.

                    • cube

                      Weather is not a factor…at least not in the sense that playing the game in Jacksonville gives one team any sort of advantage over the other. The temperatures at that time of year in Athens, Gainesville, and Jacksonville do not affect football practice/preparation or play into the outcome of football games. It’s not really hot and not really cold in any of the 3 locations.

                    • Bob

                      I don’t think it is a huge disadvantage at all. But it is a disadvantage, however small. And I thought one of the deals in the new contract was that the city of Jacksonville agreed to pay for those three aircraft. If Delta is not going to provide the service, then there may not be any option, but is UGA going to be reimbursed for the additional travel?

                      I know you are not being snarky, but this ain’t a neutral site. Never has been and just because Georgia is winning again doesn’t change that. I would think that an AD as money conscious as McGarity would be working with the city of Jacksonville to work out something.

                    • Not a neutral site in what sense? You think it’s like going to Auburn or Tuscaloosa?

  7. Slaw Dawg

    Where the Hell is that damn goose that keeps laying those lovely eggs…