For our next trick…

Just a reminder of how prescient some of the preseason mags are:

As whiffery goes, that’s pretty spectacular. Can’t wait to see what Sporting News calls this year.


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11 responses to “For our next trick…

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Florida at #4. That’s cute.


  2. Spike

    Georgia Southern would like a word…


  3. Sean

    Rankings should legitimately not come out until mid October. But then the ESPN machine would have nothing to blabber about 6 days a week.


    • gastr1

      They would blabber about who would be in the rankings when they came out in October and appoint a Rankingologist who simulates the formula of the committee. We can check his bracket to see where our teams will be! At least 6 weeks worth of speculation can be wrought.


  4. Rival

    Unfortunately they got it right leaving Georgia out…


  5. DugLite

    That has to be last years cover or even the previous years. Johnny Football to top the Heisman watch?


  6. uglydawg

    Maybe they expected karma, which doesn’t exist, or justice, which may or may not exist, to strip FSU and AU of their star QBs.


  7. TomReagan

    I really don’t think that’s bad at all outside of the Florida ranking. I believe the lowest of those other than Florida was Notre Dame who finished around #20.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      I mostly agree with you.

      But it’s not like FL had a rash of injuries or bad luck. They stunk in 2012 and got lucky – that is just a horrible pick. Perhaps it was to sell magazines to the big fan bases minus Tejas. The omission of the two teams that played for the NC is pretty bad, I think….but in fairness nobody could have guessed Auburn last August.

      Given the information at hand at the time, it’s not a crazy list.


  8. 69Dawg

    Notre Dame is always overrated. If UF can beat LSU, BAMA and UGA they deserve to be #4, that of course is as unlikely as me being made President of the United States.