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Inching closer to the Irish


Georgia and Notre Dame are moving closer to a football series “later this decade,” Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said Tuesday. And while no deal is done, and McGarity cautioned that there could be snags, he made clear that he would be eager for it to happen.

“I think it’s an opponent we’ve played, what, one time? 1980? For our fans to be able to go up to South Bend, and for our fans to see Notre Dame play between the hedges, I think from a national perspective it’d be off the charts, as far as interest, as far as intrigue,” McGarity said. “That would be something out of the ordinary that our fans would be very, very excited about.”

The two schools haven’t nailed down which years it would be, but McGarity said it would be in the range of 2017-20. Notre Dame would visit Sanford Stadium, and Georgia would visit Notre Dame Stadium.

If they actually pull this off, what are the odds VanGorder will still be there when they play?


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Ah, hell. Thanks for reminding me.

File this under “Stuff I Don’t Need To Hear Right Now”.

Argh.  Sigh.


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Bert sez: “SEC! SEC!! SEC!!!”

Think you’re going a little overboard here, Coach.

“Minimum”?  Hoo, boy.


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Name that caption, a penny for your thoughts, Boom edition

Seth Emerson captures a guarded moment with Agent Muschamp.

I wonder how many times he’ll be asked about Georgia Southern today.  Let fly in the comments.


UPDATE:  That didn’t take long.

Or at least not see Florida lose to worse opponents.


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Public shaming as a policy setter

Stupid is as stupid does, boys.

So Kansas State went through this entire rigmarole, was ridiculed nationally… all to wind up letting Romero go anyway.  But there’s a new policy, so, hey!

These are the people some of you think are capable of managing the business of college athletics.  The truth is, they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag if you gave ’em a flashlight and pointed them in the right direction.


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Meet your 2014 Clemson Tigers.

You can find tons of info on the Tigers’ summer depth chart here.  Basically, they are experienced and loaded all along the defensive line.

Clemson is deepest at the defensive line where all nine players listed on the two-deep are lettermen who have played at least 200 snaps in their careers. The group has played in a combined 266 games with 91 starts. They combined for 69 tackles for loss last year helping Clemson to a number-one ranking nationally in that category. The nine players have averaged 760 plays of experience entering the 2014 season. Six of the nine have already played at least 30 games.

Offensive line?  Not so much.

While the players returning to Clemson’s defensive line have 91 career starts combined, Clemson’s offensive linemen has 49.  The leader is David Beasley with 19 starts in 30 games played.

Beasley, by the way, is one of four players suspended for the opener in Athens.  All four appear in the current two-deep.



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Say hello to Uncle Verne and Gary.

CBS grabs the South Carolina and Florida games.

A 3:30 start in mid-September in Columbia should be comfortable, right?


UPDATE:  More details about the CBS schedule here.


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