Ah, hell. Thanks for reminding me.

File this under “Stuff I Don’t Need To Hear Right Now”.

Argh.  Sigh.


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  1. Bob

    Hell, I would be happy for the loser of the SEC title game to get into a damn BCS level bowl…not the Cap One Bowl.

  2. Bulldawg165

    I’m at work so I can’t look up and post the video, but are there any How I Met Your Mother fans on here?

    Well, one of the main characters, Marshall, comes from a family of HUGE Minnesota Vikings fans and they have a little piece where he re-lives watching the 1998 NFC Championship game when the Vikings kicker missed the field goal in overtime. “My dad, who I had never seen cry, turned to me with a tear in his eye and said, ‘son, a little part of me just died tonight.”

    In the TV show, they are at a Minnesota Vikings bar in NYC and anytime someone mentions that game/season, everyone in the entire bar bangs their fist on the table and lets out a collective “Damn it!”

    Every time someone brings up the 2012 SEC championship game, that little piece comes to mind and all that I can think about is how I hope that we win a MNC soon, because that’s the only thing that would keep that game from being to us what the 1998 NFC Championship game is to Vikings fans (as demonstrated in that video, at least).

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I’m going to have to find the video online this evening. It’s just SO. DAMN. FITTING.

    • Bulldawg165

      Screw it, I looked it up anyway. I don’t know how to embed videos in my posts, but here’s the piece. Forgive the poor quality, just dial it up to the 1:10 mark. 30 seconds of TV has never encapsulated my feelings about a sporting event so well.

    • stoopnagle

      “A little piece of me died…” I can relate. That game defeated me and my wife. There is nothing football-related that can faze us now.

      On top of that, I grew up a die-hard Houston Oilers fan. You haven’t seen quick until you see me switch the channel from “Sports Greatest Comebacks” anything. Damn Frank Riech. It still took Bud Adams uber-assholery to kill my fandom, but he finally managed. [insert tasteless comment about hereafter]

  3. Actually, I like hearing Saban say we were the “toughest game Alabama had” in their 2012 National Championship season. It was also the best game of the 2012 season.

    • stoopnagle

      De facto National Title Game.

      Suck it, Domers.

      • gastr1

        I think most of the country concurs about which game was the real title game that year. That counts for at least a little something, it seems, even if it doesn’t show in the record books.

        • Cojones

          It’s nice of Saban to say so outright, a reiteration of past snippits from him. He sincerely and respectfully holds UGA up as a tough rival . He roundabout mentioned also that we wuz robbed from representing the SEC in the Sugar Bowl when undeserving FU lost to Louisville.


    We were in the playoffs in 2012′, we lost. No need to dwell on it.

    • Mayor

      Correct, PTC. The way the CFB playoff should work is 4 conferences, 2 divisions each with the division winners of the respective conferences playing each other in a defacto 8 team playoff– the first round for the conference championship. That really is what Georgia had in 2012–a one game play-in for the BCSNCG. We lost.

  5. The SECCG loser is never going to get into the playoff except when the loss is a close loss and both teams enter the game undefeated. We need to accept that the committee is going to (and probably should) give preference to teams that win their conferences over a CG loser. The problem I would have had in 2012 would have been UF’s entry into the playoff while sitting at home the 1st weekend in December.

    The only positive I hope comes from the committee is better treatment of a CG loser in the bowl picture. Missouri got knocked all the way down to the Cotton Bowl. We got knocked down to the Cap 1 and the Outback in consecutive years. USCe got knocked down to the Chick-fil-a after the loss to Auburn in 2010. While I don’t think a CG loser should get access to one of the BCS games by default, Georgia 2012 certainly got screwed out of a better bowl situation because of the rules set up at the time.

  6. Ricky McDurden

    SECCG will be dead soon enough. I imagine the profit that game generates won’t outweigh the seasonal self-inflicted wound it will have become to the SEC’s chances at owning two spots in the playoff.

    • No way does the SEC eliminate the championship game – that would be an excuse by the committee by itself to keep two out of the playoff, and they would be right to do it.

    • PTC DAWG

      I don’t see that happening….

      One out of 4 is what the SEC will get most years and that is fine.

    • Red Dawg

      I hope not more often than not it’s one of the best games of the year

      • uglydawg

        What’s “fine” to me is for the best four teams to make the playoffs. If they’re all from one conference…so be it…if none are from the SEC…it will hurt but if it’s honest and the SEC didn’t have a top four team then the SEC shouldn’t get a spot. This balancing bullshit is bullshit…The best four teams regardless is my plea…fat chance, though.

  7. stoopnagle

    SECCG is a play-in game. As it should be.

  8. Jim

    Is “we were 5 yards away in 2012” going to be the new “back when we had Herschel”?

    We lost. Great game and just remembering it gives me chills, but we lost fair and square. I hate it as much as the next guy, but we lost

    A lot of our fans are so starved for championships they’ll use the “we were five yards away in 2012” to justify future mediocre seasons. All I have to say to that is: please don’t

    • Since you’re the first person in the comment thread to mention it, I’m gonna say no.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Hell, if we’d a knocked down the Penn State pass….. If we coulda, we woulda, we could not, so we did not…

      • Jim

        I don’t know. I was joking with a friend about tech’s bowl game melt down last year and said something along the lines of “nothing says tech like ending the season with back to back losses to mid-tier sec teams”

        My friend was highly offended that I would refer to our 8-4 (soon to be 8-5) squad as a “mid tier sec team” since “we were five yards away in 2012”. As if that somehow made us an elite 2013 sec team by default.

        Of course we have never seen that mentality before (see:2008)

        Of course our own bowl performance only served to reinforce my statement

    • Bulldawg165

      The most annoying part is that we WEREN’T five yards away from a MNC like most people like to pretend. We were five yards away from playing for it. Us winning, while likely IMO, was hardly a forgone conclusion.

    • I, for one, am with ya.

  9. Russ

    Well its nice to have respect. And I’d rather read this than the latest Spurrier zinger.

  10. Mayor

    I’ve been trying to resist the Kool-Aid so far this off-season but being as objective as I can be…I know the Dawgs have big question marks in the defensive backfield and the O-line, but I believe that our rivals have question marks, too. Georgia has the best RB in the nation returning plus high quality back-up RBs and an outstanding receiving corps. The Dawgs’ QB is a 5th year player who by all accounts from the coaches is extremely skilled and he started and finished 2 games, and played 1 complete half, last year–it’s not like he’s a rookie. The O-line is going to be just fine as most are back from last season. One of our more sane brethren pointed out in a post the other day that the Georgia O scored about 35 points per game last year–hard to do that without at least SOME blocking. The Dawgs have the best group of LBs in the nation and great D-linemen coming back, too. On balance, this Georgia team is loaded. I like Georgia’s personnel better than any other team’s in the SEC East and better than every team in the SEC West except for Bama–and that one’s a tie, IMHO. The key is the first 2 games. Win those and we are off to the races.

    • uglydawg

      Mayor, I share your optimism. Without a few injuries, Georgia may very well have won it all last year… But the thing that nobody is mentioning is the quiet…almost arrogant confidence that CMR seems to be sporting. He seems like a man that is holding a straight flush with three aces hid under the table just in case.
      He just seems different…more placid and confident….anyone else think so?

      • Cojones

        Agree with you both on UGA’s chances this season. Yeah, Ug, Richt’s certainly not wringing his hands over our perceived shortages. Don’t think there is any whistlin’ in the graveyard either.

        Mayor, we agree on the two most telling games. One of them is at home and the other occurs after an off week. We should be ready for both.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Take a deep breath, there. The injuries doomed Georgia only because they took away the Dawgs’ ability to compensate for the glaring and team-crushing weakness on defense. There’s simply no way that the UGA defense in 2013 was going to win a championship. They were dreadful.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    The SECC is and always will be a playoff game.

    We win our division and we’ll get our chance.