Public shaming as a policy setter

Stupid is as stupid does, boys.

So Kansas State went through this entire rigmarole, was ridiculed nationally… all to wind up letting Romero go anyway.  But there’s a new policy, so, hey!

These are the people some of you think are capable of managing the business of college athletics.  The truth is, they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag if you gave ’em a flashlight and pointed them in the right direction.



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4 responses to “Public shaming as a policy setter

  1. Normaltown Mike


  2. C.S.

    It’s great that shaming worked here (assuming it did, and it seems that it did), it’s still a terrible method of enforcing policy. You have to have a public that is able to consistently generate the requisite amount of anger, and an institution on the other end that is actually capable of shame. How many other kids are going to be forced to go through the same rigmarole on the assumption that maybe this time people won’t get pissed off about it?


  3. Mayor

    Those K-State morons alienated every blue chip girls’ BB prospect in the nation. Now they knuckle under after all the damage is done. Too late. Idiots.


  4. gastr1

    The K State idiot AD actually claimed that he wanted to reverse the decision by some stupid appeals committee that did not allow her to transfer, but you know, he COULDN’T DO THAT because the committee’s decision was final and didn’t allow for any further review…what an ASSHOLE (FYI, this POS is why Frank Martin bolted from there and landed at SCe). So Romero lawyered up and her man rightly called the AD on his BS.

    Their WBB program sucks and has for quite a while. This is going to help their recruiting??? Nitwits.