Say hello to Uncle Verne and Gary.

CBS grabs the South Carolina and Florida games.

A 3:30 start in mid-September in Columbia should be comfortable, right?


UPDATE:  More details about the CBS schedule here.


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34 responses to “Say hello to Uncle Verne and Gary.

  1. HVL Dawg

    Que the sideline reporter standing in front of a thermometer pouring water out of gallon jugs. Hey, CBS just covers the story, they aren’t the story. Right?

  2. I think we’ve won the last 2 games in Columbia at 3:30. Stafford leads us to a win in ’08. I remember the 40-yard frozen rope he threw to AJ in double coverage and thought there may not be another person who could make that throw on the planet. Of course, the other is ’02 with the thunderstorm, Pollack’s interception, and the goal-line stand. I would much rather play them at that time of day than at night when we have always seemed to struggle in Columbia.

  3. Dawgoholic

    May be a good break for Columbia if our stable of backs is healthy. BTW – Pruitt spent a year playing games in Tally which makes Columbia seem only moderately warm. I hope he has some ideas for keeping guys fresh.

    • 202dawg

      I think it’s a toss up, ‘Holic. Both are miserable armpits…

    • I hope he has some ideas for keeping guys fresh.

      What’s going to be most interesting is whether or not our guys will be in the shape Pruitt wants them in. It won’t be automatic, that’s for sure, because it’s something very new for our guys, who have never been in that kind of shape.

      So we’ll see.

    • sljbhill

      Well Pruitt is not “old school”… so rule out the pickle juice. I don’t think it worked that we’ll for Donnan and at least one other person had concerns about dehydration when he employed it against uSC.

  4. I would have personally paid cash to bribe CBS to make this the 3:30 game. Anything other than playing SoCar at night, please.

    • Bright Idea

      Good call!

    • Macallanlover

      Yep, night road games really adds to the home team’s advantage. Love that we have the week off too. Columbia is a tough trip anytime but let’s not give the Cock fans additional time this season. Playing both of our two primary East contenders on the road puts us a little behind the curve, need every break we can get.

  5. JAX

    I can’t wait to see the CBS sideline gal pouring water all over her jugs. A wet t-shirt bonus, thanks.

    I agree with that guy above, better to play them during the day. Will be hotter or as hot than Tally or Gville, FL.

    • Jack Klompus


    • I think so too. Columbia is often more brutal than those two.

      • Dawgaholic

        Maybe I missed out on hot games in Cola but I’ve been to several there and multiple games in Tally. I’ve been to at least 5 in Tally that were worse than I’ve seen in Cola. In fact, I’ve been to games in Tally in mid-October that were worse than anything I’ve seen in Cola.

        • You may well be right, I’m no expert on the weather in Columbia. I think it’s generally hotter than Athens, which I thought was a slight advantage for Carolina several years ago, since they practiced in it. And of course we haven’t been known for being in great condition anyway.

          I grew up 40 miles from Tallahassee and have been to many games there. So I know the heat you are describing. It CAN be brutal, and often is, there’s no other word for it. The heat/humidity down there is just different.

  6. CannonDawg

    The afternoon kickoff at Columbia fell into place nicely for us. Might that be the start of some season-long good fortune? Sure, we’ve got to put the Cocks away on their own field, but karma does help (can you say War Eagle?).

  7. cube

    Glad we’re not playing in Columbia at night. You want your road games early and your home games late.

  8. Debby Balcer

    That is my favorite time for a game.

  9. stoopnagle

    Isn’t the Jacksonville Game perpetually a 3:30 kick? Or did that go out with the latest TV round-a-bout?

    • I think there is an agreement between the SEC, UGA, UF, and CBS that the WLOCP (oops, I meant the War for the Oar) will be the SEC Game of the Week. There’s no way it will ever be a noon game and everyone learned that the Cocktail Party and prime time don’t mix very well in ’02.

  10. AthensHomerDawg

    Go Dawgs!

  11. Red Dawg

    I wish they would fire those two, Gary Danielson has no business talking football

    • Macallanlover

      Really? Next to Mr. Taste of the Town I find Danielson to be the best analyst in CFB. Does his homework, picks up on formation tendencies and correctly calls many plays before the ball is snapped. I think some just don’t care for his personality/delivery, for whatever reason, but his knowledge of football is at the top, imo.