“I’ve got a lot of faith in Jeremy…”

Otherwise known as “It’s a good time to be a young DB at Georgia.”

We sure hope it is.  As Estes points out, Georgia’s secondary is in much the same rough shape it was in going into last season’s opener against Clemson.  With two exceptions:  Boyd and Watkins won’t be wearing orange this year and Jeremy Pruitt is coaching Georgia’s secondary.

While the latter is cause for optimism, there are plenty of good reasons to temper that.  Like this one:

Sensing that he needed DBs immediately, Pruitt had a leading role in signing two of these four, landing late commitments from Jones and Sanders to join others that pre-dated his arrival. But the Bulldogs’ new coordinator admits he doesn’t know any of the signees very well yet.

“I wasn’t recruiting them when I was at Florida State,” Pruitt said. “So there was no previous relationship. I was getting to know them in a two-week period of time. So I’m still getting to know them, figuring them out. I think all four of them have really good ball skills, which is important. When you watch their high school tape, they showed toughness. They all showed the ability to play some man to man, and they all were willing tacklers.

“The criteria you look for in a defensive back, they have them. To me, there’s more to it than that. You’ve got to have intangibles, and that’s something you learn over the course of time.”

New backs.  In a new system.  With a new position coach who doesn’t know what he’s got in them yet.  Man, August is shaping up to be one very hairy month.  Faith will be tested.



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17 responses to ““I’ve got a lot of faith in Jeremy…”

  1. Noonan

    Our secondary cannot be worse than last year, therefore the glass is half full.


  2. Mayor

    The first 2 games of the season are what’s gonna be hairy.


  3. stoopnagle



  4. I Wanna Red Cup

    I love this shit man. Thanks for feeding the beast. Can’t wait for the season to start.


  5. Matt b.

    I think Fenteng and Parrish come in and make an impact, perhaps not right away, but there’s a realistic shot of it being immediate. Parrish is a stud from what I’ve gathered.

    It seems to me that despite the exodus, there is still a substantial amount of playmaking ability in the secondary that has simply gone untapped due to coaching.

    I think Pruitt will deliver.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      ☝ This. We have talent that hasn’t seen its full potential yet and more on the way.


    • I think Pruitt will deliver.

      Same here. Long way to go, but I think he’ll deliver something that’s at least adequate. And maybe much better than that.


  6. ClydeBoogie

    The Secondary will be outstanding Man, no worries at all. The reason why is because we are Get The Picture gang Man. We deserve a championship this year simply because we are the Handsomest, Coolest, MacDaddy-est (McMommy-est for the gals on here) in the entire interplanetary blogosphere. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow us all our days (and championships as well) so there it is.


  7. The secondary is going to be an issue, but can’t see the unit being any worse from last season.

    Fenteng should be a little bit more polished than a high school senior, and Parrish could bring a lot of speed at free safety, IMO.

    Hopefully the front 7 can disrupt things and help out the secondary. That’s really the best and most realistic thing to hope for.


  8. New backs. In a new system. With a new position coach who doesn’t know what he’s got in them yet. Man, August is shaping up to be one very hairy month.

    It is. But I get some comfort from the fact that Pruitt himself identified both Jones and Sanders. They passed his eval, and even if it was quick, that’s comforting because it has been so poor for so long.

    And Fenteng and Parrish bring some talent to the table. On film they both looks like some of the better targets we’ve had, even if they were ID’d by the old staff. Getting these 4 guys into the competition mix will be key, IMO, regardless of whether they start, or even play that much.

    But these guys have something that last year’s newcomers didn’t .. an opportunity to get off to a good start. So there’s a pretty good chance that one or more will play.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Have a lot more confidence in Pruitt than CTG & Lakatosis. At least CJP talks in specifics – evaluations, weight loss, etc. We WILL improve, no doubt.


    • Mayor

      The O will be about the same as the beginning of last season–good. The losses last season were all by 1 TD or less, even when the team was depleted by injury. If everyone on O can stay healthy and the D gets even just a little better……


  10. Skeeter

    Another bourbon and Kool-Aid, please.