“We are going to do so I think in a very tasteful manner.”

Ear of the beholder, Greg.  We’ll be listening.



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  1. Beer Money

    If it’s anything like G-Day, then the folks in the club level (underneath those speakers) are in for a long year.

    I will just assume we handle this as cluelessly as we have the rest of the gameday experience in Athens. We all know the litany of easy fixes that could be implemented, but just can’t seem to happen.


  2. 202dawg

    “We’ve got some training to do…”
    If it’s the same crew from G Day i’d say you have a LOT of training to do. My ears are still recovering…

    Also, tasteful means different things to different folks.


    • 69Dawg

      They really should give out free ear plugs for the people near the speakers. My seats are in 309 and last year we could not even talk to each other. New speakers will cause ear bleeds.


    • gastr1

      ” “We’ve tasked our staff to create an atmosphere and environment that hopefully pleases everyone,” McGarity said.”

      In other words, you’ll be pleasing no one, McG.


  3. The UGA wine and cheese crowd tend to come out when this topic is discussed. I’m not sure what should be done to make Sanford more raucous for the opposing team, but right now playing UGA in Athens isn’t as intimidating as it should be. Playing a bad Tennessee team in Neyland is still shaky. Not sure I can say the same for UGA.


  4. Silver Britches

    Somebody’s got to explain to me how you crank shitty music in a tasteful manner.


  5. “We’re not going over the edge like some schools do.” AD McMilquetoast will be apologizing profusely to Jay Jacobs over cocktails in Destin, that this quote was by no means directed towards him.


  6. reipar

    I agree the change is necessary, but from my personal tastes I do not see how I am going to like it. I hope I am proven wrong.


  7. 69Dawg

    This like everything else the AD and the administration try to do to make up for years of pissing on fans will not end well. You can fire up 16,000 students and irate 74,000 adults, that’s real great marketing.


  8. Irwin R Fletcher

    As long as the opportunity to somehow play REM’s Orange Crush during the Clemson game isn’t missed…


  9. John Denver is full of shit...

    Classic distraction technique. From the real beer can of worms.

    …you can have alcohol in the club level, just not out with the common folk.
    I have sat in both, whiskey and barbecue in one and angry drunk -bobo “another screen pass?”-guy…

    I have decided I would like some of both, please.


  10. Ricky McDurden

    Doesn’t get much more classy than this. I’m just saying.


    • BCDawg97

      Honestly, its not a bad song (ignoring the video). But this is what I’m talking about – its got a beat, people can dance and the players would get excited for it. But they’ll randomly roll out 4 or 5 different songs just like this one at a million decibels and none of it will stick. It has no identity for UGA


  11. I Wanna Red Cup

    Unless the cheerleaders come out nekkid to “do the wild thang” nothing will fire the crowd up at the Charleston Southern and directional games.


  12. The other Doug

    I remember the good ole days when all we needed was the redcoats and a defense.


    • Just Chuck (The Other One)

      Redcoats – One of the best college bands in the country, have been for a long time, This sounds like all that talent will be wasted even more than it already is.

      On the topic of excessive volume with recorded music, I wonder if a suit for damaged hearing would get the AD’s attention. Anyone with a seat near a speaker might have a case.


  13. BCDawg97

    My issue is they are trying to make the crowd fit to the music rather than fitting the music to the crowd. They are trying all these random songs and they don’t mean anything to us as fans. Play something like Back in Black or Soldier Boy, and you’ll get everyone moving. Auburn plays Welcome to the Jungle. LSU (?) plays Eye of the Tiger. Those relate to the crowd. I like rap and top 20, but they are going to faq this up so bad…


  14. Lrgk9

    JP doing some bald head to Helmet butting might do the trick…


  15. Cojones

    How about a good set of recordings from the dog pound or Partners for Pets kennels. Sic that on the sound system to join the crowd woofers.


  16. “We are going to do so I think in a very tasteful manner.”

    That is, quite simply, impossible. What is absolutely certain, is further degradation of the Gameday atmosphere, already at a low state.


  17. TomReagan

    Fake juice.


  18. Bulldog Joe

    “Soopaman dat ho!”


  19. tbia

    Youze guyze are so ignorant…..you can expect “Who let the Dogs Out” some “Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay” something by 3 dog night and a rediscovered lost march from 1926.


    • SouthGaDawg

      ‘member when they used to play “Who Let the Dogs Out” when UGA would run onto the field during the Donnan era?


  20. Athens Dog

    The number of times I hear pit bull will determine my contribution next year ……………


  21. stuckinred

    “Intimidating” what a crock. It’s frickin noise. It may interfere with communication but this baloney about intimidation is just ridiculous