“Yeah. I think he really wants to be great.”

While I think this is one of the sillier quotes I’ve seen from Mark Richt lately…

“I think he’s on a turning point of maturing some, and becoming a very dependable guy,” Richt said while attending SEC meetings. “I’m not saying he is a dependable guy, or has been at this point. But I have a feeling that that’s his desire to become that. And he needs to. It’s time.”

… it does appear to be an indication that there is still a place on the team for Tray Matthews.  Considering that similar behavior has led to the departure of others, I’m kind of impressed Matthews has shown enough to merit that quote, strange as that may sound.


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22 responses to ““Yeah. I think he really wants to be great.”

  1. Keese

    What’s been behind the scenes rumor with Mathews?…beyond the ‘cronic hamstring issues’

  2. ViningsDawg

    Extremely we’ll said. After underachieving the way he has to receive that from his coach. I think he’s improving all around and being given a shot.

  3. Juan

    Well, well, well…how bout that?

  4. AusDawg85

    Maybe he’s shooting straight with a new dance in his step, song in his heart, money in his pocket…

  5. Lrgk9

    A couple of guys, JHC and SW, had to dodge the screen door on the way out.

    One has maybe, maybe mind you, learned that everybody is replaceable.

    Buy In, Get It, or Ride the Bench in perpetuity…

  6. Ryan

    Im surprised theres no commentary about jones’ resignation… any insight on why? Maybe i missed that in an earlier thread

  7. I assume Richt was asked the question, and didn’t just volunteer the information. That tempers the comments a little, because Richt usually paints the nicest picture he can when talking about a player.

    But it is something, because as you say, Matthew is at least gonna get a chance. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Matthew’s ability to do a 180, but it has happened.

    • RED DOG 77

      With all respect, I do have a lot of confidence………Mathews is extremely talented, and I get the impression he has had a major personality “break”……I’ve seen it happen before……….IMHO……..Tray Mathews will one day be All American

      • It’d be wonderful if you are right.

        I assume, however, you mean a REAL All-American. And not another Bacarri Rambo. That’s the last thing we need.

        • Sanford222view

          What was so bad about Bacarri Rambo? Granted I was a little surprised of some of his post season accolades but he was a good player for us i thought.

          • Ginny

            I’ve never understood the Bacarri Rambo hate. He was a playmaker his senior year. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he led the SEC in picks too. I’ll never forget that hit he took as a freshman against Auburn either.

          • Rambo was a Jekyll/Hyde type player. Very inconsistent. Some good, and quite a bit not so good. The bad was just much harder to see, without knowing what to look for, and that’s true of anybody who plays that position. The good everyone sees. The bad .. not so much.

            I understand it’s an unpopular position, but I have to call it as I see it, and let the film do the talking. For two years, I said the NFL would validate that position, and Rambo would be a low draft choice if he got drafted at all. That wasn’t very popular when he was named All-America at the end of that year, and 1st Team All-SEC.

            But the film never lies, and the NFL, who usually makes judgments based on realism – and not hype or stats – validated what I had been saying.

            Rambo, of course, couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe he had dropped so low. Like his predecessor, Reshad Jones, and some other players off our defense, he had a distorted view of reality and himself as a player.

            Some in the Dawgosphere have called that an “entitlement” mentality, and that’s part of it. The entitlement was real. But it was more than that, it was a mentality that enabled us to believe we were something more than we were. And it’s affected us negatively for years now.

            It’s not as bad now as it was back in the Jones/Rambo days. But the very same mindset that I’ve referred to, is the same mentality Jeremy Pruitt is now trying to bust up. And Coach Pruitt has no bigger task, nor one more important.

            But the really good news is, Pruitt has been acting that way from Day 1. Every indication is he recognized it for what it is, and is determined to kill it. He gets it, which is why my confidence in him has soared since his arrival.

            • joe

              Funny that the entitlement mentality has become synonymous with the last few years of coach richt’s tenure, when breaking that mentality was the hallmark of his early years.

              He took a program that allowed Ronnie Daniels to look like Jerry rice and let George godsey run unmolested through a defense with 13 nfl players and elevated the attitude to playing for the greater good of the program.

              I get so sick when I think back to Charles grants performance against auburn in his jr year. He finally decided to put in a solid effort, produced 5 sacks and left before richt got here. He was replaced by an unknown freshman named pollack.

              The synergy of those early years left with van gorder, and I hope pruitt can rekindle it.

              • Well said. “Synergy” is an excellent choice of words.

              • W Cobb Dawg

                “Charles grant….left before richt got here. He was replaced by an unknown freshman named pollack.”

                Grant was the starting DE on CMR’s first team in 2001, and his teammate Pollack was a freshman backup DT. Grant went on to be the 1st pick of the Saints, had a pretty good career, and was one of the highest paid DL’s in the nfl.

                Always thought Grant was a dgd. He could’ve left before CMR took over and made even more $ in the nfl. He did everything he was asked to do, including toting the ball for Donnan and getting his knee smashed on a cheap shot by a gtu DB.

                • joe

                  I’ll be damned he was on that 01 team. Do not even remember if he played in the hobnail boot game?

                  Anyway, he had 6 sacks in 01 and 5 were in that auburn game.

            • Sanford222view

              I knew I could count on you for a fair and well communicated reply. I agree we wasn’t the most consistent player and why I was surprised he received All-American honors. His sophomore season was especially shaky if I remember correctly but he did make a lot of plays for us over his career.

              • Thanks.

                And yes, Rambo did make a lot of plays, especially his senior year, I thought. Some of them went unnoticed. His junior year had the far better stats, but it was just one of those years where the ball came his way, and a handful of times it was a gift, thrown right to him.

                Rambo was kind of like James Jackson (one of the very best players I’ve ever seen in high school) was at QB. At times, brilliant. At other times, the total opposite. But generally just inconsistent.

                Anyway, he had a tough year with the Redskins, which I thought he would. He hit the wall. But I hope he can break through, as Reshad Jones finally did, and have some kind of career. It’s one thing to objectively analyze film. It’s another when you think of a young man who needs to make it.