Welcome to Georgia State!

Boy, if SEC coaches are upset about James Franklin’s summer camp incursion, this is really going to send them over the deep end.

I’m guessing Georgia State is one Sun Belt opponent Georgia won’t be in any hurry to schedule.



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20 responses to “Welcome to Georgia State!

  1. Dawgoholic

    Sounds like GA State may want in on the GA Southern 1 every 4 deal. Maybe we tell them they get the deal if they quit scheduling the camps. Or we could invite coaches from all smaller schools in the state to co-host our camps as long as they don’t co-host with another school.


  2. Cojones

    If they don’t follow the rules in their conference and it’s then called a “loophole”, why do they call it a rule in the first place?

    What does Ga St hope to gain out of this slap at it’s in-state brethren? Isn’t it hard enough to compete vs SEC, ACC and other established conferences in Ga without inviting another competing conference to lure leftovers from you? Don’t understand why Ga St would do this.


  3. Cojones

    Now I know. It’s in retaliation for PJ luring all the recruits out of the North! (heel of hand strikes sloping brow)


  4. sniffer

    Georgia State has a football team?


  5. watcher16

    Can someone tell me what the loophole is that allows it?


    • It’s not a loophole per se. It’s just that the SEC agreed that its member schools wouldn’t do it.


      • I take it back. There is a loophole, per Richt:

        There’s an NCAA rule that says an institutional camp needs to be at your institution. The spirit of that rule is not to have satellite camps all over the place,” Richt said. “To me what I’m seeing is a loophole to where if another school sponsors the camp, Georgia State camp featuring Penn State coaches – or some Division II schools in Texas featuring Oklahoma’s coaches or Oklahoma State’s coaches or Texas’ coaches, and just barnstorming all over the place.

        “The rule, to say everyone’s camps should be on their own institution, people are finding a way around that rule. We think the rule was set for a reason, and we think it oughta stay that way. We as a league don’t do that. We choose not to do that.”


        • Cojones

          They aren’t getting around the rule; they are breaking the rule. They are skirting the spirit of the rule as in “you can make it up as you go along”.

          Create satellite camps to subvert the rule in your mind. Let’s see, where have I heard of this before? That’s it! Ukraine.


      • watcher16

        Got a little more clarification here, even though it looks like a whiny toddler wrote it:



  6. Irwin R Fletcher

    Can someone tell me where the GA Board of Regents is on this? I’ve go a little bit of a problem with a state institution selling out to benefit those from out of state.


  7. ClydeBoogie

    Franklin seems like a really desperate prev with some of his moves.


  8. 69Dawg

    It’s real simple to stop just tell GA State that as long as this goes on they can kiss the SEC & the ACC goodbye. Alabama has been feeding them for a few years based I understand on Bill Curry. Make them have to take their beatings and get their money from some distant conference. Additionally, don’t help them with anything at all. GA Southern got lots of help from Georgia when they started because of Erk but the SOB’s turned on us once they had what they needed and Erk retired.


  9. Red Dawg

    Franklin has a “snake in the grass” vibe about him, would not want my kid playing for him