You know my name (look up the number)

Bill Battle is having a devil of a time finding a twelfth opponent for Alabama’s 2015 football schedule.

Can somebody help Battle out and play Alabama? Sounds like the Tide would even take a home-and-home at this point, but Battle said he’s not sure that’s feasible because “everybody’s scheduled for ’15.”

Alabama has Wisconsin and Louisiana-Monroe on the non-conference schedule, and though Battle doesn’t remember the third game offhand, Alabama is expected to play an FCS opponent in mid-November, according to a source.

That means Battle probably can’t schedule another FCS for strength-of-schedule purposes, though he sounds desperate enough to do just that.

[Insert snarky comment about nine-game conference schedule here.]



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11 responses to “You know my name (look up the number)

  1. Bob

    Had to go to CBS to see the article because of that damn Big Brother ad.

    Am surprised that they got caught with their pants down. Then again, looking at our pathetic OOC schedule in 2015, they will likely get someone more attractive than Southern University.


  2. Derek

    How bout we just beat dat ass twice in ’15?


  3. GTU. In a reprise of its glorious 1981 campaign when Tech went 1-10 (its only victory was against Top 5 Alabama at the Iron Bowl), Fish Fry’s team rushes for 800 yards and the win against Bama and donuts the rest of its schedule. PJ is immediately awarded a Braineiac contract into perpetuity that Tech has to eat two years later at a cost that would make Dan Uggla blush.


  4. Macallanlover

    Perhaps some of those Big ?, PAC12, and Big 12 schools who act as if the SEC teams don’t play a tougher schedule than they do already would like to step forward. Surely Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, USC, etc., will drop one of their cupcakes and sign up with the Tide. The CFB world would survive without one of those Big ? and MAC matchups that have filled the schedules up there. Been a lot of national mouthing for someone to not be diving for cover.


    • Bazooka Joe

      The problem with that is most schools have already set their 2015 schedules, Bama seems to be the only school that missed the memo !


  5. Bob

    You think Bama is willing to take on another major OOC foe in addition to Wisky? I think not. They talk big but don’t even have a clue what it is like to go on the road for an out of conference game more than two or three times a decade. Hell they just dropped their previously scheduled home and home with Michigan State. Lots of talk…but Bama loves creampuffs as much as anyone.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Clemson’s available September 5th. Just sayin.’


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Alabama pulled out of the upcoming home-and-home series with 13-1 Michigan State “because it no longer made business sense”.

    No doubt Alabama is giving their fans the business.


  8. DawgVegas

    Also, nice Beatles reference!


  9. Home and home with Penn St., Michigan St. Va. Tech, Clemson, Wisconsin. Come on guys!