Necessity is the mother of less amateurism.

I know some of you cling to that romantic, Chariots of Fire version of amateurism… you know, because there’s so much British aristocrats and inner city kids have in common.  It’s charming, and the NCAA thanks you for your service.  The reality, though, is that amateurism at its heart is about control, nothing more and nothing less.

Don’t believe me?  Well, check out what Dennis Dodd says Mike Slive’s conference is pondering right now.

We’re being asked to care about, oh, 100 kids. A hundred football players out of 450,000. When you start evaluating the early entries into the NFL Draft, that care factor comes out to .00022 percent of all NCAA athletes.

And, yet what the SEC is thinking about — what all of college football is having to consider — is upheaval. The answer to a record number of undrafted juniors (almost 40 percent) is to allow perhaps more agent interaction.

You can semantically dress it up any way you want. Commissioner Mike Slive here at the SEC spring meetings this week called for a “neutral or selfless” panel “so credible” that its advice to these wayward youths cannot be denied.

Amateurs, we’ve been told over and over, don’t need professional advisors.  It’s even codified.

There’s a quiet revolution coming in the next few months. Legislation emerging from autonomy could come as soon as January. The commissioners will have to deal with this issue head-on at some point. It could require changing the NCAA’s decades-old view of improper agent dealings:

Bylaw 12.3.1 reads: You are not eligible in a sport if you ever have accepted money, transportation or other benefits from an agent or agreed to have an agent market your athletics ability …

That was all great until the futile outflow of talent – those juniors may not have been drafted, but that doesn’t mean they were warming the bench in college – turned into a torrent that doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down any time in the near future.  At least not without some proper management, right, Mike?  And the SEC is here to help, kids.

Slive’s intent is invite “people into the tent,” to provide better career counseling.

“Let’s be more open about it,” he added. “Instead of the separation of it, let’s bring them in as opposed to doing things more covertly.”

The SEC obviously has a stake in the issue. Nick Saban would like the NFL to invite a more realistic number of prospects to the combine. The SEC has had its share of slimy agent issues.

“If you have a student who is incredible at biology, if some petroleum company wants to come hire him, they’ll talk to him as a junior,” Auburn AD Jay Jacobs said. “The challenge that we have, is telling our student-athletes … where they would go in the draft. Whether that is using agents or some other model we’ve got to provide better resources.”

The nobility is touching.  I might even believe it on the day when the SEC announces it’s permitting recruits to seek professional representation before signing a letter of intent.  Until then, I think I know who is best being served here.



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9 responses to “Necessity is the mother of less amateurism.

  1. Scott W.

    The irony is that as a junior at Awbarn, they are already a professional.


  2. wnc dawg

    So according to Jacobs’ rationale using an elite biology student leaving school early to do biology work, is he for allowing kids to major in football?

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.


  3. Russ

    Okay, I was going to say that I don’t share your cynicism, but after thinking about it for, oh…30 seconds, yeah. This will just be another slime fest. One the one hand you have “agents” (representing the schools) telling kids their draft stock is too low and they should stay in school. If you let the kids pick their own agents, they will get inflated draft projections so the agent can get the kid out there making money sooner.


  4. Keep fucking that chicken. At this point I want all the players paid cash money just so the blogs have other stuff to talk about.


    • Emerging from Allie

      Damn this oppressive society in which people are forced to read free blogs and click on every headline.


  5. Cojones

    Shorten your heading: “Necessity is the mother.”.

    The Fing Scooter Corp is introducing a model for agents with a small trailer for their recruit. It can be dropped to the ground in an instant with the former recruit remaining inside as soon as the draft is over. A new Fing trailer can then be purchased by the agent. We are thinking of including a recruit on next year’s NFL bubble with every Fing Agent Scooter Trailer.

    We think the acronym (FAST) is perfect for this Agent/Recruit endeavor. We also will include a can of green slime to be used when a sale has occurred.


  6. 69Dawg

    The NFLPA certifies agents. If a certified agent thinks enough of a college football player to loan, pay or give the player money, what in the name of Adam Smith is wrong with that? As far as I’m concerned the damn AD’s and Presidents need to create a new paradigm and let the damn agents take care of the good players and the schools can take care of the also played and walk-ons.

    For most of the 20th Century Freshman were not eligible to play varsity football. It all changed when the NCAA and it’s morons decided that they needed to save money and limit scholarships but to do that they had to get work out of the freshman so the schools could get a return on their investment. Freshman became eligible. So in actuality the school used to only get 3 years of varsity out of any player. Now they are only going to get 3 years out of the best players and a few kids who need the money and roll the dice.

    Guess what, if the NCAA really gave a shit about the kids that came out and didn’t get drafted they could let them come back to school and play. Why don’t they, well the coaches are getting their shorts in a wad because they need to know what kind of recruiting needs they are going to have. Why is this you ask? It because of the damn scholarship limits. The coaches hate to lose the players but they hate getting their recruiting screwed up worst. Once again the NCAA could fix this but they really don’t want to. IF a kid declares and is not drafted nor signs as a free agent then the kid can come back and he does not count against the current years limit. I know there will be coaches and schools that will try to game this system but it will get to be quite apparent who they are and the NCAA has to enforce something in the world. Think about the fact that Herschel Walker tried to come back for his senior year but the NCAA declared him ineligible because he had signed with an agent. He might have already signed with Trump but even if he hadn’t the agent thing would have stopped his return.

    Sorry for the speech. This is just one of those areas where you know it could be fixed if the adults would take their head out of their butts and do it.


    • Emerging from Allie

      Nitpicking, but Trump didn’t buy the Generals until after Herschel was on the team.