Summer camp blues

In one sense, I’m a little amused by the firestorm that’s arisen over James Franklin’s end run around the summer camp rule.  The SEC coaches are pissyNotre Dame thinks it’s a swell idea, too.  It’s even given ESPN’s bloggers the chance to wax righteously indignant over Houston Nutt’s 37-signee class.  Again.

Fun times, indeed.  (And when can we expect Corch to announce an appearance?  You know he’s got to be kicking himself for not coming up with the idea first.)

But ultimately, it’s futile for the SEC to wage this fight.  The NCAA isn’t going to do anything about it, especially in the new age of autonomy.  And the coaches up north are going to keep at it, because here’s where the talent is.



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6 responses to “Summer camp blues

  1. Macallanlover

    Doesn’t bother me, another example of ineptness on the part of the NCAA to do anything right but it isn’t going to sway that many recruits to State Penn. Franklin will have some success in the Atlanta area regardless and kids that want to play in the Big Zero conference are welcome to go. I would rather have them go there than to Auburn, TN, or SC.


  2. Moe Pritchett


  3. South FL Dawg

    No one has to do it if they don’t want to, but maybe Georgia would like to have a camp in Atlanta, or Florida would like to have one in Miami. Why prevent the kids from seeing what else is out there?


    • Not a bad idea. Beat them at their own game. We could have camp in Columbus, OH, Los Angeles, Miami, and other places. We need to recruit OL nationally anyway, since we can’t seem to get the elite guys in our backyard.


  4. And when can we expect Corch to announce an appearance? You know he’s got to be kicking himself for not coming up with the idea first.

    Exactly, lol.

    Not sure what to do about it. One thing, though, is to make dang sure we are evaluating and targeting these players EARLY, and establishing relationships and all that. THAT, more than anything, is what has hurt us the most in recruiting, IMHO, say the last 5 or 6 years.

    I think, but don’t know, that we have already begun doing that. If not, we better be quick about doing it, and acquiring whatever resources it takes to make sure that the job gets done. For it is likely our only response to this increased competition.

    Further, it’s something we’ve needed anyway, even if all this had never happened.