Bernie Machen wants those transferring kids to stay out of his yard.

Amid news that the SEC not surprisingly has dropped its resistance to the graduate transfer rules comes some rather muddled thinking from Florida President Bernie Machen (okay, not his first rodeo when it comes to that):

Florida president Bernie Machen opposes the NCAA rule allowing immediate eligibility at a new school if a player graduates. Florida has recently added two high-profile graduate transfers: Virginia football player Jake McGee and Michigan basketball player Jon Horford.

“If they really wanted to transfer somewhere else, they should sit out a year,” Machen said. “Why didn’t Horford stay at Michigan another year? Because he had a free pass.”

When asked why not give athletes the flexibility to transfer once they’ve accomplished the goal of graduating, Machen replied, “Go to grad school at Michigan. They have some pretty good grad schools. … It’s really just a way for a school to fill a void at the very last minute, or a player going to get more playing time without having to sit out.”

Um, dude, do you even talk to your head coaches?  And if you do, why not simply tell them you won’t allow the transfers?



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3 responses to “Bernie Machen wants those transferring kids to stay out of his yard.

  1. Bernie

    Why not simply tell them you won’t allow the transfers?

    “Our Athletic Department brings in the money so the Athletic Department calls the shots. My job is to create the sound bite smoke screen. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense because we’ll deny access to any writer who challenges us here.”

    “It’s a sucky job but it pays well. Go Gators.”


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    “…muddled thinking…” That’s putting it mildly Senator.

    When I read things like this it really sinks in how unfairly college athletes are handled. Machen doesn’t want to bend one inch when it comes to controlling an athlete’s option of where to play or when to play. It’s about total control. If that’s not a plantation mentality I don’t know what is.


    • Macallanlover

      “plantation mentality”, you really said that? Remember the old, “better to have people think you are a fool than to open………” , well you get it.