“We also understand that other traditional dates may not stay in the same window of times…”

I am getting so tired of this.

Georgia and Auburn officials say it hasn’t been discussed officially, but moving the deep South’s oldest rivalry to earlier in the season is “on the table.”

That was how it was put by Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity, who said his school’s priority is keeping the date of the annual game with Florida. Moving that game would be difficult because of being in Jacksonville and it involves an NFL stadium.

The reason, of course, that they take this cutesy position is because of the scheduling shift adopted last year, which leaves both schools playing rivals on the road every other year to wrap up the season.  It’s cutesy because they’re not saying they’re gonna move it, but…

McGarity and Georgia head coach Mark Richt have said they are fine with playing two rivalry games on the road that close together. Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs said he was open to moving the Georgia game if it’s decided that’s best.

“Right now we’re committed to playing just like we have, the Georgia game at home or away, then a non-conference game, then Alabama home or away. I think there’s merit to taking a look at that down the road,” Jacobs said. “In the perfect world I’d prefer it to be where we’d have another game at that back end, whether it was a Texas A&M or moving Georgia up or whatever it may be but it’s hard to argue with 2013, how it worked out for us having those two games at the end of the year.

So much for decades of tradition wrapping up division and conference titles in that rivalry game.

When you’re done jerking things around, could you let us know, fellas?  Assuming that’s a when, not if, question, that is.


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13 responses to ““We also understand that other traditional dates may not stay in the same window of times…”

  1. I can see it now. We’ll play Auburn in late September or early October and play Missouri in the traditional Auburn November spot. Everyone will sell that we’re still playing a team with Tigers as their nickname in that spot. That’s the real tradition – Dawgs-Tigers – not Georgia-Auburn. Please, SEC, just stop.


  2. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    Meh. I could care less about when we play Auburn or any other team on our schedule. The time of year we play a team doesn’t really matter to me as a tradition. As long as we get to keep playing the South’s oldest rivalry I will be happy.


  3. ron

    Starting to sound like a grumpy old man….

    Enjoy the sunlight.


  4. Mark

    When the TV money got big, we knew many changes were coming. When it comes to the customer, who is the SEC looking? Are they eyeing the few season ticket holders or are they looking at the fans that sit at home and watch it on the tube? Times they are a changin’ and that genie is not going back in the bottle.


  5. Will Trane

    “The officials” in their “official” infinite wisdom? Amazing how the powers to be always wrap their positions as if they are the only ones with what needs to be done. Have they asked us, the alums. From the stands and checkbook I give this a “thumbs down”. But I reserve the right to use another finger for them.
    Why hell, let’s just move “South’s oldest rivaliry “to the end of April and get a spring season underway, another “week-off” in the fall, and a jump on the rankings. Is it our damn schedule or is it Mike Slive’s and those insiders in Alabama who think this is their conference and to hell with anyone else.
    Think I’ll use that other finger now. And we are 90 days out from a game. Nothing like practice and getting the drill started.


  6. Charles

    Why not do another back-to-back games in one spot, since it would favor both teams to switch the timing around? Or have one neutral site game?


  7. Mike Cooley

    Why do they have this obsession with this particular game? Why can’t they just leave it the hell alone? What is gained from screwing around with it. People seem to be either indifferent or adamantly opposed to moving this game to another point on the schedule which is to say nobody thinks its a good idea. It all seemed to start coming unglued when they just had to expand. Since adding Missouri and Texas A&M they can not stop tinkering with everything. Please just leave it alone before you ruin it guys,


    • Honestly, Mike, I think it’s just the latest fallout from the law of unintended consequences. It all goes back to the conference struggling with a football schedule in a 14-school era. The SEC just isn’t very good at it.


      • TMdawg

        But I thought they put so much time and thought into expansion? Surely it wasn’t about getting to renegotiate a TV contract? Everyone knows we’d rather have mizzou than the DSOR….

        /sarcasm off…if they get rid of DSOR I think the AD will get a better lesson on unintended consequences, both schools seem to underestimate the importance of the game to their respective fanbases. It’s on game I see eye to eye on with all of my auburn friends


  8. Mayor

    WTF? Georgia has played UK as the final SEC regular season game several times in the last few years. I personally prefer playing Auburn as the final regular season SEC game for Georgia but that ship sailed a long time ago. Whip, meet dead horse.


  9. Macallanlover

    Jacobs didn’t seem to have any problem accepting back-to-back home games against UGA and Bama last season, why the difficulty when it is time to pay the piper? I don’t see what the big deal is, they screwed us last season with that switcheroo and I don’t see why they have an issue with playing two away games 2 weeks apart….every team does this regularly. It isn’t like consecutive games away is a change for any team in the SEC. And don’t tell me it is “different” because someone designates it as a “rivalry”, the SC has been talking all year about doing away with those so they must not be that big of a deal. A conference game is a conference game in the standings, I don’t like having the biggest 2 East games this year on the road at the two Columbias. Suck it up Aubies.