Desperate times call for desperate measures.

So Fox Sports 1’s Fox College Saturday is getting slaughtered in the ratings by ESPN’s College GamedayWhat to do, what to do

There is also talk of starting a new college football show on Saturday that will be gambling-centric, similar to what Fox Sports Live did during the NCAA basketball tournament when it did live remotes from Las Vegas…

Interestingly, Fox Sports 1 is clearly considering pushing gaming as an element of its coverage and that play has potential — as well as some downside. Smart gambling segments are interesting and it’s an untapped market in sports television. But such segments can also quickly become little more than a hot takes personality screaming out picks and praising himself (it’s always a dude) when a pick hits the previous week…

Boy, I bet Mark Emmert would love that.

I’ve got a suggestion for Fox, though.  If you’re gonna do it, you might want to think about a special segment for Thursday nights.  Half the people watching MACtion are inveterate gamblers.


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8 responses to “Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    Now we will be able to keep up with the Zips, Chippewas, and Golden Flashes.


  2. Moe Pritchett

    it would be fun seeing the Zips as a +3 on the Flashes and being irritated that Minnesota was a push with SD State……


  3. Gameday is just such a behemoth, that yeah trying to carve out a niche is probably their best bet, then just tread water until Gameday finally makes some mistakes or loses somebody like Herbie (not likely to happen anytime soon, but you just never know). Then they can try to capitalize. But to try to just pull the average college football fan away isn’t going to happen on much of a scale.

    I gotta admit though, the past couple of years, my TV doesn’t really get turned on Saturday mornings anymore. Between the kids, yardwork, projects, etc, I literally flip ESPN on maybe around 11:50am just to see everybody’s picks, but I haven’t sat down and watched a significant chunk of Gameday in a long time. Not because I dislike it, it’s not like I’m a viewer that Fox could pull away, just busy with life, ya know? But if I were going to flip on a show, it would definitely be Gameday, I probably wouldn’t even remember that Fox Sports has their own show now.


  4. Macallanlover

    I would love to see Fox put a program featuring a betting discussion on CFB opposite Gameday. I pretty much leave GD on all morning but rarely listen to much of it. Fox’s chance of making headway against the WWL with conventional programming is a longshot, might as well change the target audience and shoot for a niche. I could do without all the screaming hucksters and their obnoxious ads but that will probably have to come with it.


  5. Nate Dawg

    Maybe not a bad option for me since I’m boycotting Herbie. I just wonder which gambling expert / former fluarda player will head the show.


  6. StevoDawg

    They should try loud music during commercial breaks.


  7. studawg

    I think its a good angle to take. I don’t even bet on sports really but I find the analysis by oddsmakers on who to bet on and why to be fascinating. Fox grabbed an untapped segment of the TV market before (non-liberal-biased news) and hit a homerun with it. Maybe they can do it again. Like someone else said, I don’t really watch Gameday anymore, for one because its just kinda boring to me, its the same old stuff over and over again. Having some betting/odds analysis would be interesting.