A tale of two contracts

Nick Saban’s new deal:  eight years, $6.5 million per year with a $400,000 completion bonus.

Junior’s new deal:  three years, $680,000 for the first two years and $714,000 for the third year.

Hard to question Saban’s numbers, other than why it took seven months to hash out the contract extension.   But I continue to be amazed at every new SEC offensive coordinator who does better, financially speaking, than Mike Bobo.



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19 responses to “A tale of two contracts

  1. Lrgk9

    Well, are there any behind the scenes payments to CMB would be a fair question. UGA has made addl payments available for years coming from ‘non-academic’ sources…


  2. AusDawg85

    Cost of crayon’s is factored in.


  3. South FL Dawg

    A 3 year contract for Junior is interesting. On the one hand he doesn’t stay anywhere. On the other hand, who besides Saban would find room for him?


    • Dog in Fla

      Maybe it was a humanitarian hiring process by Nick to keep James Franklin from initiating a Meet the Kiffins move


  4. Rebar

    Bobo has shown he can move the ball and get points with weak offensive lines.


  5. cube

    The reserve fund handlers don’t like this post Senator.


  6. sectionzalum

    Is Bobo the longest serving assistant – in terms of uninterrupted time at one school – in the SEC? Chavis and Gardner have been around longer but at multiple schools.


  7. Bobo deserves to be in the 850 to a million a year range.


    • No he doesn’t. He’s at his alma mater, extremely secure with his head coach who is also pretty secure in his position these days, and in a town without a high cost of living. Bobo is making what he should make due to the multitude of outside factors. Assistant coaches salaries aren’t dictated by their quality as a coach and never have been. That’s only part of the equation.


  8. South FL Dawg

    Bobo can’t take it personally, all the Tide coaches get more money:


  9. siskey

    I can only make a good argument for Chavis at LSU to make more money than Bobo. But having been to Tuscaloosa and residing in Athens, I can make many arguments why it would take more money to here than in Alabama.


  10. JG Shellnutt



  11. AthensHomerDawg

    I’ve always tried the fair and balanced approached. At the end of the day Bobo has an agent/ attorney. Those two can handle his business. Come on… the man has a bunch of kids and is married to Dooley’s niece? I think he can sort it all out. Certain he already has. As an aside- my youngest will leave Georgia Law in 2017 . He will be looking for work and I highly recommend him.
    Just sayin’