Dawg News from the Twitterverse

Two health items…

… and one roster matter.

I think the last one means they’re back under 85 players on scholarship.  So some walk-on is about to get rewarded.


UPDATE:  Bonus coverage from Seth Emerson at Pigskin Preview in Macon today – and guess who the first player Mason names in response to the usual question about whom he’s most excited.


UPDATE #2:  Radi Nabulsi has more health news here.


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17 responses to “Dawg News from the Twitterverse

  1. Trbodawg

    Perhaps the Gilbert Johnson situation was the final push for Langley to offense?

  2. Cojones

    Hmmm. Maybe the O line gets out of the Dawghouse in fans’s minds with the QB talking about this 300lb athlete, Pyke, like he’s not worried what gets past. Nothin’.

    If it wasn’t for a new D backfield to conjecture over, I’d be fillin’ my pool with Cool Aide and float around for the rest of summer.

  3. The JSW news is sad to hear, but not surprising. It didn’t sound like he was doing much at all during spring practice, whereas Marshall, injured at the same time, was going through most non-contact drills and so forth. Hopefully his body responds well over the summer. Some people’s bodies just heal slower than others.

    • Yeah, usually all we hear these days is how ACL guys are far ahead of schedule. So JSW being normal, or even a little slow, is no cause for shock.

      He’s got an extra week anyway, right? 🙂

  4. Hopefully JSW comes back strong in July with Keith.

  5. Man Mason is all bidnez isn’t he?

  6. Pyke being on track is the best news there, IMO.

  7. Mayor

    You gotta love Mason. This is his big chance and he’s going to make the most of it.

  8. frowertr

    Mason looks and acts years ahead of his age. Looks damn near 30 in that suite and tie.

  9. Rebar

    Sounds to me like he’s been throwing alot, and thats a good thing! Said he took a week off to rest his arm, and now he’s got the freshman coming in. Good attitude from him, good to see.