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Steve Shaw knows holding when he sees it.

You know, I was gonna get all snarky about Steve Shaw’s criteria for calling holding

“By rule, as long as you’re in proper position, as long as you keep your hands inside his frame, you can pretty much do anything – as long as you’ve got good position on him and as he moves you’re still in good position.

“People see him locked up on (the offensive lineman’s) breast plates and that sort of thing. That’s not holding. OK, by definition that’s not holding. Now when it is, is when I lose my position and he starts to get away, now I’ve got to let him go. I can give him a shove but I can’t hold him back in.”

Then there’s what Shaw referred to as a “point-of-attack” blocking issue, such as a sweep to the right end. If a left tackle sticks his hand out there on a defender, it’s not a call unless it impacts the play.

“We don’t want that call,” Shaw said. “It may be a talk-to-the-player, but it has absolutely no impact to the play, and it has no personal foul, or it has no injury-related component to it, then we don’t want it as a foul. We want uality (sic) fouls. We want fouls that impact the play. Fouls that have an advantage (and a) disadvantage.”

… but I think instead I’m gonna take him at face value and watch a season of SEC ball to see if there’s any consistency to enforcing his standards.  I’m skeptical – “fouls that impact the play” seems like a fairly amorphous concept – but what the hell, maybe there’s more method to his madness than I give him credit for.

Or not.  One thing I do believe is worth keeping an eye this season on is whether the SEC crew with an extra man does a better job monitoring line play than the rest of Shaw’s crews.  Maybe what I perceive as inconsistency is more a product of not having enough eyes to go around than anything else.



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I got your competitive balance right here.

I tweeted yesterday about what an excruciating experience it was to catch Andre Ware bloviating about college player compensation.  Ware’s basic position seems to be if he can’t figure out a way to make something work, he’s against it.  (He’d fit right in over at NCAA headquarters.)

One of the things he fretted about greatly was the idea that paying players would somehow rupture the delicate balance of competition that amateurism somehow magically sustains right now.  Andre, I’ve got some news for you – when four of the Big Five conferences are reporting annual revenues totaling more than a billion dollars, that balance train done left the station already.  So unless I missed you suggesting that the big boys share some of that loot with their less fortunate Division I brethren, I think I’d worry about something else.

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Tuesday morning buffet

Something for everybody.


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Don’t quit your day job, Tim.

If this is what passes for cutting edge analysis on the SEC Network…

Tebow, the former Heisman Trophy winner from Florida who spent three years in the NFL, is shifting gears to become an analyst and explained why “SEC Nation” chose the Vanderbilt-Ole Miss game as one of its first stops.

“It’s going to be a big game for Mississippi and for Vanderbilt,” said Tebow, who was in town for the Music City Sports Festival at Music City Center along with Spears, Finebaum and Tessitore.

“You’ve got a Mississippi team that has had great recruiting, and everyone hasn’t necessarily lived up to their potential. But I think Hugh Freeze is a good coach and I think (quarterback) Bo Wallace is going to have a good year. It’s going to be a good game for these teams because you’ve got a Vanderbilt team that’s coming off one of the best seasons it’s had in beating Tennessee, Florida and Georgia in the same year. Are they going to be able to have the same caliber of team with a new coaching staff? It’s going to be really interesting to see.”

… my Saturday mornings are going to stay pretty free.


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