Maybe the NCAA just needs some lithium.

Donald Remy.  In one breath, he’s all “we shall fight on the beaches” all the way to the Supreme Court.  In the next, he’s all wimp.

NCAA chief legal officer Donald Remy said NCAA members “right now” believe paying a college athlete or allowing a player to receive compensation based on name, image and likeness would erode the collegiate model.

“I don’t know that it’s my call or that I would be able to conceive of a particular circumstance where a student-athlete would receive compensation for name, image and likeness,” Remy said. “I do know the membership has consistently found it to be something that would ruin the collegiate model and create problems in the recruiting context and competitive fairness model.”

“Right now”, eh?  Regular tower of defiance, there.

Maybe Donald’s a manic-depressive.  (Stacey Osburn has no comment.)  In any event, it sure seems unproductive to spend millions to defend a claim you can’t defend more strongly than that.



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2 responses to “Maybe the NCAA just needs some lithium.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Four out five desperation experts think The Donald will add additional co-counsel to try a new circle of trust theory

    before Judge Claudia blows the lid off this thing and completes the harshing of his mellow


  2. Instead of lithium, what about cyanide? Just blow the NCAA up and start over with a balanced model.