“So the track record is not sterling.”

Andrea Adelson, on the pipeline from the SEC to Louisville:

Atlantic Division front-runners Florida State and Clemson are the only two ACC schools consistently recruiting at an SEC level on a consistent basis. To compete with them, Louisville must do the same. Accepting these transfers is one way to start closing the talent gap that currently exists between the programs. Williams, Wiggins, Harvey-Clemons and Matthews were all four-star recruits out of high school. The three Georgia players were ranked in the ESPN 300 and were dubbed the Bulldogs’ defensive backfield of the future.

To understand how much catching up Louisville has to do, consider this: During the last five years, Louisville signed a combined 24 four-star players. Seven were ranked in the ESPN 300. Those are great numbers for the old Big East/American. But in the same span, Florida State signed 70 four-star and five-star players, and 55 were ranked in the ESPN 300. Clemson signed 55 four-star or five-star players, and 34 were ranked on the ESPN 300. It’s easy to see why these two schools have separated from the rest.

As successful as Louisville was in its final years in the Big East/American, playing in a tougher conference means you need better players. Looking for transfers — even transfers with baggage — is one way to do that.

There are some risks involved. Harvey-Clemons and Matthews were both dismissed from Georgia. Though no specific details were given about Matthews’ departure, Harvey-Clemons served multiple suspensions for team rules violations, including the 2013 Capital One Bowl.

Hey, man, ain’t no thang for Bobby P.

Petrino was criticized during his first go-around with Louisville for bringing in players with discipline problems. Athletic director Tom Jurich told one reporter in 2008 that the Cardinals dismissed 21 players after Petrino left for the Atlanta Falcons because of disciplinary issues.

And why not, if you expect you won’t be there in three or four years?  Of course, he’ll swear on a stack of bibles never again…

But Petrino and Jurich have both vowed things would be different in the program this time. Given where Louisville stands as it heads into the ACC, Petrino has to be willing to take a few risks. At the same time, he also has to show he means business with the players who have been in trouble in the past. Second chances are one thing, but there needs to be a level of discipline in the program that was not there the first time Petrino was in charge.

… but I’m guessing the new kids feel pretty good about where they’re going.


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5 responses to ““So the track record is not sterling.”

  1. Russ

    Well at least there’s some recognition that these players didn’t leave UGA on their own accord. You’d have thought Marshall transferred to Auburn because they had a better dentistry school or some such.


  2. Rp

    Anyone had a look at the L’ville volleyball team? Is that a situation the admin needs to be concerned about?


  3. Silver Britches

    “. . . consistently recruiting at an SEC level on a consistent basis.”

    Shit, Andrea, that’s just some awful writing.