Benefit of the doubt

It’s nice to have this sort of national perception:

Time to analyze the SEC’s non-conference schedule. Although there’s not much to analyze. Pitiful run of opponents. Georgia, as usual, more than carries its weight. Nobody else really does.

At least maybe it is.  I can’t say it’s really gotten Georgia much extra juice in any given national title hunt it’s been involved in during the Richt era, although to be fair, I can’t say it’s really cost Georgia much, either.  (Some of you will probably point to the 2008 loss to ‘Bama after the Arizona State trip, but let’s be honest – any team that loses by 39 to Florida ain’t a national title contender.  Also, let’s not ignore the fact that last season, Georgia emerged deserving to be included in the national title discussion after its September, despite the road loss at Clemson.)

But as we approach the dawning of a new postseason day, this kind of stuff is really supposed to matter now, right, selection committee?  So why do I remain unconvinced it will?


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  1. Bob

    I hope that a very deserving team gets left out due to its own scheduling. It will take something like that to change the minds of these ADs who insist on signing on to these crap games. Generally the SEC East hasn’t been that bad, but the West has been woeful, less LSU. Georgia’s OOC schedule for the most part has been damn good but next year is a different matter.

    That Arizona State game is the most overplayed nonsense I have ever heard of. We didn’t lose to Bama because we went out and won in Tempe. We lost because they were better along both lines of scrimmage…period.

    • JG Shellnutt

      “I hope that a very deserving team…”
      …as long as it’s not Georgia.

    • gastr1

      Tell it to Mark Richt. He doesn’t mind the crap scheduling, or at least, he did enough whining over the ASU, OSU, and Colorado games to impart the perception he’d rather play cupcakes.

      • Daniel Simpson Day

        I think CMR’s problem with those games was related to travel – that they got back so late they missed practice / meeting time on Sunday etc.

        • gastr1

          Distinction without a difference, IMO. He had a problem with being ranked pre-season #1, don’t forget, too. CMR has not always seemed like he wanted to take the “we want the toughest competition” road– which is my point.

          Pac-12 schools have travel like that all the time, plus a distinct lack of nearby FCS schools to put on the schedule.

          • Bob

            Lots of coaches don’t like it. That is why we have ADs…to make it happen anyway. Can’t blame Richt much though. He has to normally play a far tougher OOC schedule than most anyone else in the conference…plus he has to give up a home game every other year for that “neutral” site game we have. In the BCS era Georgia has played almost twice as many major OOC opponents as Bama and Auburn combined. Their scheduling has been a total joke.

            • Mayor

              Remind me–How many BCSNC trophies do Bama and Auburn have? How many do the Dawgs have?

              • Macallanlover

                How sad that you measure a program’s worth/enjoyment by such a pitiful standard as a contrived award. I want to see great CFB, especially when it concerns UGA. Fall Saturdays are precious, much too valuable to squander on 1AA opponents just to pretend you are worthy. I don’t need it, you and McFrugal stick your chests out over such victories and worship those who run from competition.

  2. Russ

    Nice, but where was that discussion in 2007 when we got screwed?

    • Atticus

      When’s the last time a team that wins the title got the crap beat out of them during the season like UGA did against TN?

  3. Cosmic Dawg

    I am always surprised about how the money (apparently) plays out. I just can’t figure out how with a home-and-home against a quality opponent that the AD couldn’t get close to making up the difference or close to it w/ more expensive and/or greater volume sales of tickets, tv revenue, concessions, merch, in-game advertising, etc vs paying out a cupcake but not traveling.

    Is it really mostly about guaranteed wins? The people making the schedules certainly have a vested interest there – a couple years after the games are played, all you really look at is the record, not the value of the experience itself.

    • Bob

      Certainly is about guaranteed wins. Ask Miss State who almost never needs more than 2 wins in conference to go bowling. And it helps to have your crossover opponent be Kentucky.

    • Bulldog Joe

      It’s also about the revenue that comes with 7 1/2 or 8 home games.

      • Dawgoholic

        I’m pretty sure the UGA athletic dept. could generate the same revenue with real games for a home and home instead of a cupcake. I think fans would understand and still buy tickets for a Clemson type game even if the tickets were double the normal face value – in fact, I’m not sure that the athletic department would not make more money this way because there is a very good chance they would sell out the Clemson type game every year but that they may not sell out either cupcake.

        If you’ve been to many road games recently, you know that a lot of other schools already raise the ticket prices for certain games.

        • Bulldog Joe

          As a fan and a season ticket holder, I would like to see this work.

          However, I suspect this would be financially competitive only if they also charged twice as much for concessions and parking for those games.

  4. I think the more likely scenario is that the selection committee is inconsistent in how it applies SoS from one year to the next (and even whether it applies it at all). Much in the same way that ESPN et all will shill for a certain thing one year (Michigan v OSU rematch) but not the next. I think a big risk will be, e.g., the 1998 UGA @ LSU matchup. 8 versus 6. . . except that LSU team would go on to lose 5 straight or something and finish <.500. Someone will be inclined to over credit a winner in that scenario because they actually watched that game. There's no reason that should happen – the basketball committee doesn't have this problem. Murphy's law; if it can happen it will, especially in the wacky world of the college football post season.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    The praise in that article for our non-conference schedule is a good argument against the drop Tech crowd.

  6. Mayor

    As the linked article demonstrates, UGA plays more top OOC teams than any other school in the SEC. And yet we still have clods on this blog bitch about Georgia’s OOC schedule saying it isn’t tough enough and we don’t play enough good OOC teams. Is this article proof enough for you clowns that you are out of touch with reality?