How many times can a guy jump the shark, anyway?

Fresh off using George O’Leary as a foil to compare the Big Five autonomy move to Civil War succession, Mike Bianchi is now trolling the SEC by suggesting it kick out its two Mississippi members and replace them with UCF and USF.


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10 responses to “How many times can a guy jump the shark, anyway?

  1. Beer Money

    Nothing screams big time SEC tradition like a team that started its program in the late 90s and plays in a 1/4 full NFL stadium in an area that is tha transplant hub of America. May as well invite Georgia State at that point.


    • Deutschland Domiciliary Dog

      A school with 50,000 students that cannot fill a 48,000 seat stadium should not remotely be considered for the SEC.

      If the SEC’s throwing anyone out, it ought to be South Carolina to be replaced by Clemson. Clemson’s 19,000 strong student body fills their 82,000 seat stadium every Saturday in the Fall.


  2. TNlogdawg

    That’s about the same FL started their football program so it could work


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, let’s throw out a couple of charter members and replace them with commuter schools.


  4. I guess UAB should be allowed in as well, since it has more students than Auburn or Alabama.


    • uglydawg

      The Orlando Centinel should fire Bianchi and hire one of the AJC sportswriters to replace him.
      Is that meddling?