The best quarterback in the SEC

Chris Low’s analysis of Alabama’s quarterback situation sounds guarded.

Jacob Coker hasn’t played a down for Alabama. For that matter, he hasn’t participated in the first official practice with the Crimson Tide. But already he’s the heir apparent to AJ McCarron, and the Tide are counting on him coming in and being their quarterback in 2014. He played behind Jameis Winston at Florida State last season and is extremely gifted. If Coker takes a little longer to develop, Alabama will likely turn to senior Blake Sims, who still needs to prove that he can beat teams throwing the ball.

That turns out to be the fifth best positional resume in the conference.  Better than South Carolina, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee, all of which sport quarterbacks who have actually started for their schools.

It’s amazing how much deference the media has given Coker, as slight as his experience is.  And McCarron aside, how many great quarterbacks has Saban turned out?

Coker must be extremely gifted, alright.


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22 responses to “The best quarterback in the SEC

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Coker could very well be the best in the SEC this year. The bar is set low. Look at what Kiffin did to us with Crompton.


    • That was with Two Thumbs on the other sideline.


    • Krautdawg

      Yeah, but Crompton’s sister could play QB for Bama. Here’s the primer:

      (1) Hand off.
      (2) Hand off.
      (3) Throw 3-yd pass to wide open TE from perfect pocket.
      (4) Repeat.
      (5) Lose temper when called a “game manager.”

      It is in this sense that I believe Mr. Coker and/or his sister have the potential to become good QBs for Alabama.


  2. Maybe the ranking is the depth of this position. Otherwise, I don’t get UGA at #8. I shudder to think what we may be if Mason goes down. I don’t trust Bauta or Ramsey to be The Guy, and Park will clearly not be ready for a couple of years.


  3. Bulldawg165

    ” And McCarron aside, how many great quarterbacks has Saban turned out?”

    You’d have gotten the same response without the caveat, Senator 😉


  4. Merk

    I mean it’s not like Richt and Bobo are not 2 of the best QB coaches in the SEC.


  5. Dank Jankins

    Take a look at Coker’s stats in the garbage time he did play. Not impressive at all. So it totally makes sense to put this inexperienced newbie “Coker” ahead of Mason given that Mason has only been in the same system for 5 yrs and has actually played 10 qtrs of meaningful. Mr. Low can you please post some stock tips for us as well.


  6. Dank Jankins

    Meant to say 10+ quarters of meaningful “football”. Don’t forget all the important spring game action too that means so much to a group of Dawg fans.





  8. Irwin R Fletcher

    It makes zero sense…inexperience at QB used to count for something…even at Alabama.

    Honestly, I’m not sure how you don’t look at the numbers that Mason put up over the final 3 games of the season and not project him a little higher…even only playing essentially a half against Kentucky, he averaged 270 yards per game…which would have been 3rd best in the conference (with Murray and Manziel the only two higher). The efficiency and completion % numbers were middle of the pack, but you just get the feeling that folks are downgrading more for the bowl game and not upgrading more for what he did in the KY game and the second half of GT.

    Whatevers…I think we’ve got a pretty good one at QB and kind of like it under the radar.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Consensus is Georgia is expected to struggle on the offensive line, on defense, and on special teams, forcing Mason to take more chances than his counterparts.

      Mason is a good QB and is coached well, but other factors play into why he has such a low preseason rating.


  9. CannonDawg

    Would anyone feel better if Mason were higher? Say, two or three? Or even one? And if so, why?


  10. Macallanlover

    After Jimbo’s comments that Coker will immediately be the best QB Saban has ever had at Bama, the pressure is on for Junior to not screw it up. I don’t think Bama has had a great QB under Little Nicky but Coker’s resume doesn’t put him ahead of AJ or McElroy to me. His stats are not only soft, he has never had to be “the man”.

    If he was truly good enough to have pushed Jameis until the last days of summer camp, he obviously has some talent but you have a new OC, new system totally, and a whole group of receivers he has never even been on a practice field with yet. He has two years of eligibility left so he may well become better than those two as he has a lot of weapons around him. My concern is more about Judas at Auburn, Mauk at Mizzou, and Thompson at SC…..and it would be if Bama were on our regular season schedule.

    As for Mason, I like the media dissing him, we need him coming out of the gate with fire in his eyes.


  11. As far as physical specimens go, Coker sure passes the eyeball test. He’s actually bigger than Winston, with the same mobility and at least as good of an arm. I don’t know what the difference between them was that made them give the nod to Winston, but Coker certainly has loads of potential. He has a lot to learn though. I don’t know that I fear him this year, but it wouldn’t shock me if he’s among the best in the country in 2015.


  12. Russ

    Smells like John Brantley.


  13. So. IL Dawg

    Who cares what the media say about the Dawgs? If the offense stays healthy, they’ll be the most balanced O in the country. With this kind of balance, the offensive line won’t have to be good. Defenses won’t know what to stop. It’s all about health. The 2013 offense was set up to be one of the best ever for UGA; but the injury bug hit hard. This year stacks up to be the same minus AM; he’s a huge loss. However, HM has been there 5 years and understands the system. The 2014 offense could be as good as any we’ve seen in Athens. It doesn’t matter where we’re ranked preseason. Let’s just pray for health; and we’ll be in the playoffs! Go Dawgs!!


    • JG Shellnutt

      Most football analysts would point out that it’s hard to have any singular part of a balanced offense run well, much less all of them work well and actually BE balanced, without the o – line working well.


      • Orl Dawg

        I would venture to say that CMR and CMB would completely disagree with you. The offense will be balanced as that is the objective every year. With a balanced offense, the o-line wil only have to be adequate because the opposing defense won’t be able to key on anything.


  14. I can agree with #1-4. But no way should Alabama be #5 nor Florida #6. Alabama has absolutely zero experience at the position. And the only thing Driskell has showed me is that..well, he sux. Put UGA or Scar at #5, the other at #6. #7-14 is anyone’s guess.


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, those 1-4 have a case to start the season as the better QBs, and right again, UGA and SC may be tied for 5th ahead of Bama or FU. I would put Mauk 2nd, but no big deal for specific preseason rankings, just opinions anyway. I think Coker may end up in the top 5 and a couple of those ranked 1-4 may slide a few notches by the end of the season. It will be interesting to watch as there are a good half dozen QBs that have significant questions to answer and have the ability to deliver. Mason is one of those, imo.


  15. SC Fan 87

    How do you put Florida ahead of UGA, SC, and LSU? That program has been a dumpster fire for QB’s ever since Tebow.