The Pac-12 enhances the fan experience.

Unfortunately for the locals, it’s the East Coast folks the conference is going after with this:

The conference also announced that it has created an 11 a.m. Pacific Time television window on the Pac-12 Networks for the upcoming football season. The league said the move was made in an effort to reduce the number of night games across the league.

At that time slot, isn’t this newly targeted audience going to be watching ACC, Big Ten and SEC games anyway?

I guess Larry Scott figures there aren’t enough insomniacs on our side of the country to make it worth his while to accommodate the Left Coasters who, you know, might actually like to attend a game live at a sane hour.  It reminds me of the baseball player in Ball Four who, upon being told he had to report to the ballpark early for a Game of the Week, replied, “Eleven O’Clock?!  I’m not even done throwing up by then.”

It’s TV’s world.  The rest of us are just trying to find a place in it.



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4 responses to “The Pac-12 enhances the fan experience.

  1. Russ

    +1 for the Ball Four reference


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Conference socialism at its finest.

    Home teams lose their home field advantage as well as ticket / concession revenue for smaller late-arriving 11:00am crowds.

    That’s a double hit for a small percentage of the conference pie.

    Do the individual schools even have a say in the matter?


  3. TomReagan

    SEC teams in the west do it all the time. Georgia’s upset over Auburn over there in 06 had one of those early JP kickoffs. Really kills the crowd.


  4. James

    Meah. The Big Ten teams in the central time zone have been kicking off at 11am for years and years. If anything they’re better prepared for it because everything else out there ends “early” because the country runs on eastern time.