A wizard, a true star

Jeebus, it looks like ESPN is all in with Jacob Coker.

Every year, it seems, a quarterback comes out of the shadows in the SEC to have a huge year. Cam Newton did it in 2010, Johnny Manziel in 2012 and Marshall last season. Coker could be that guy in 2014 after transferring in from Florida State. His former coach, Jimbo Fisher, says Coker will be the most talented quarterback Nick Saban has had at Alabama.

Hubba hubba.

And of course, this goes without saying.  (Haney’s at least got enough of a sense of shame to ask why, “For a dude who has never taken a meaningful snap, we sure talk a lot about Jacob Coker?”, although he chalks the question up to his readers, not the guys at ESPN.  Still.)

I don’t know if I’d book Coker a trip to New York quite yet, but he’s shaping up as my early leader to be the subject of this year’s Verne crush.


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31 responses to “A wizard, a true star

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Bammers are already getting hot & bothered just thinking about it


  2. I Wanna Red Cup

    Coker has already reached “Driskel ” status. Two guys who have done almost nothing have been adorned all SEC


  3. stuckinred

    I have a friend who played and coached D-1 Football. He worked with Matt Stafford and he told me when Matt was a senior in high school that he would be the #1 pick in the NFL draft when he came out.


  4. Well, hey, folks said McCarron was a ‘system’ quarterback, so I guess there are worse systems Coker could land in.


  5. 81Dog

    Coker may be good at this nascent stage of his career, but he’s no Ron Powlus. That guy was going to win two Heismans before he ever took a snap.


  6. AusDawg85

    I’ve missed something…what did Coker steal to earn such great respect?


  7. Peteydawg

    Coker is the real deal. I hate that he went to bama.


  8. Charles

    Alabama’s offense is going to take a major step back this year, Kiffikins notwithstanding. That, fundamentally, is why Saban tried to get cute with the NCAA rules committee this year. They’ll lose two, maybe even three, games.

    In terms of athleticism and talent, Coker is a better QB than McCarron (this was true of him in high school, as well). He also has a reputation for working harder and having a much better attitude than McCarron. But, he’s just not game tested. Asking him to maintain the same level of productivity as AJM is a bit too much.


    • Alabama would lose no more than three games with Blake Sims starting at QB.

      Kiffen has three studs at RB, a ton of wideouts and an offensive line shouldn’t get any worse. Throw in a more mobile QB (either Sims or Coker) and things aren’t as bad as they seem.


  9. uglydawg

    I can’t wait to see his girlfriend and mom on television.


  10. Dawgfan Will

    Jimmy “Four Heismans” Clausen thinks this is amateur hour.