Bobo bides his time.

This seems like a timely comment from Mike Bobo about seeking a head coaching job:

So when is the right time for a coordinator to make a move? And what’s the correct path?

“I really don’t know the answer, to be honest with you,” Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. “I think you just know when you know it’s time to do it. I don’t think you try to force it — to where you want to be a head coach so bad that you’ll jump at anything.”

Bobo, who has coached quarterbacks at his alma mater for the past 14 seasons and directed UGA’s offense since 2007, has had opportunities to leave. His name was connected to head-coaching positions at Southern Miss and Georgia Southern, and Virginia Tech tried to hire him as its offensive coordinator in 2013.

Bobo said he and his family are so emotionally attached to UGA that it would take the perfect situation to pry him out of Athens.

“[UGA coach] Mark Richt says if you want another job or a better job, apply enthusiasm to the one you have,” Bobo said. “Ever since I heard him say that, it’s the approach I’ve taken.”

Those are not the words of a Jimmy Sexton client, that’s for sure.


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  1. CreswellKing

    “Those are not the words of a Jimmy Sexton client, that’s for sure.”

    I thought Richt was a Jimmy Sexton client.

  2. Joe Schmoe

    I’m sure that the bean counters in BM will use Bobo’s loyalty as an excuse to continue to pay him under market value for his services.

    • Dog in Fla

      Artist’s rendering of how Bobo bides time to pay back bean counters in BM

    • If he wanted more money, I guarantee Richt would make sure the bean counters found some for Bobo. I believe the reason Bobo doesn’t ask for more money is that he believes that if he bides his time and does a good job, he will be the heir apparent when Richt decides it’s time to retire. The money will be there if he waits patiently. I also believe he thinks raising his family in Athens instead of jumping from place to place is the right thing to do. Remember Richt never had Bowden make a call on his behalf until the Georgia job opened up.

      • Good observation.

        • But I do suspect they’ve used Bobo’s allegiance to keep his salary down. One thing’s for sure: If the offense has another good year, Bobo will deserve a salary close to the million dollar range. And I’d think they’ll have a hard time keeping it from him.

          He’s played the game and paid his dues. Of course, he’s also received the training, and the benefit of training for OC, (which he wasn’t ready for without Richt being there) while on the job.

          I think the HC thoughts are too early. He’s just now coming into his own as a coordinator. And it wasn’t a fast learn.

          So it works both ways. But after this year, if he does it again … yeah, he deserves the money, IMO.

          • Well stated as usual, Ivey – While Bobo had his challenges growing into the OC role, he really has moved beyond that. He’s not ready to be the head coach, but I believe Richt is doing everything behind the scenes to develop him for the job. With another year like the last 2, Bobo will be in the million dollar club and probably have the title assistant head coach by his name.

    • Mr. Sanchez

      And so long as he willing accepts that under market deal, what’s the problem? You don’t think if Richt wanted to take the Jimmy Sexton path of getting paid, he wouldn’t also be making several hundred thousand, if not a million more than he currently makes?

  3. I Wanna Red Cup

    Bobo sounds a lot like CMR. Family man who does not want to change jobs and move every year and wants to make one move to a good place for the long haul.

  4. Tim

    Just wondering who UGA has ever had as O coordinator who was better than Bobo? I can’t come up with anyone. And to think he’s paid less than dopes like Kiffin.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Kiffen is over paid. Charlie Weis is over paid. So was SOD.

    • Wayne McDuffie comes to mind.

      • Nice catch Senator.

        Maybe why Bobo stays and Pruitt came to Georgia…

        • One night I was talking to a high school coach here in Columbia. He told me that a good friend, another coach, had an offer to join Nick Saban’s staff at Alabama. It sounded like a dream come true, but his friend declined the offer. “Seems that if you coach for Saban,” he said, “you spend the entire season in the athletic facility, with food catered in and just two weekend breaks all season to visit your family.”*

        I couldn’t confirm this statement so I present it here as conjecture, empty talk. I checked it out, of course. A Bama friend of mine called some Alabama alumni he knows and there’s no truth to it as far as they know. “Saban is a big believer in family,” said one, “and I think it would be hard to keep good assistants if you treated them that way.”

      • Derek

        I had the same thought and almost responded with that name. What held me back was the fact that he couldn’t get a job after goff was canned. That made me wonder what the issues might have been with Wayne. I do know that he did a great job of coaching an oline up. Had Edwards stayed healthy in 1995 who knows what happens….

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Tennessee game was ours until he broke his foot.

        • McDuffie had some personal demons he wasn’t able to overcome, sadly.

          • SouthGaDawg

            McDuffie drew up one of the best games plans I’ve ever seen in the ’91 Clemson game. Clemson was a better team than us, but they had no answer for the Dawgs that day. That was one of the finer days of the much misguided Goff era.

            • Good one. I had forgotten, and that’s a good memory. I first knew McDuffie when he was a junior in high school. And he certainly had a heckuva good offensive mind.

      • Good one. I thought George Haffner was good at the time, but it was a very different time than even the ’90’s when McDuffie was around.

    • Mr. Sanchez

      Senator already hit McDuffie. Does Butts count too, considering his offense was extremely innovative, successful, and not the norm for his time?

  5. tyler arthur

    could you imagine how hard it would be to move him and his 63 chilrens??

  6. CannonDawg

    Bobo’s situation seems comparable in several ways to that of Kirby Smart. Both make good money, both coach for bosses they admire and seem content to remain with, both are at big-time SEC schools they feel give them the chance to be successful. If I were an AD and had a head coaching vacancy that both were interested in, I think I would find it harder to evaluate just how good Smart really is since he’s been with the defensive-minded Saban, who tends to cast a rather large shadow. I don’t think I would look at Bobo in quite the same way. Over the past several seasons. it’s clear that Bobo has emerged as one hell of a good coach. Sorry Kirby, but I’m taking Mike.

  7. Russ

    Greg McFrugal just leaked a little pee when he read that.

  8. Those are not the words of a Jimmy Sexton client, that’s for sure.


  9. hot12dog

    Look, Bobo is a clone of Richt with him a head coach nothing will change. We will continue to be a second tier program. Doesn’t anyone care anymore if we stay in the same mode?