Chalk it up to preparing for the real world.

Tyrone Prothro is one of the O’Bannon plaintiffs.  You may recall that he suffered a gruesome injury that ended his college career at Alabama.

But one thing from college lived on.



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10 responses to “Chalk it up to preparing for the real world.

  1. watcher16

    What kind of lifestyle was he living?!


    • paul

      While students often rack up an awful lot of necessary debt 10K is actually pretty minor. Heck, I graduated 5K in debt 35 years ago and I got about half of my money in the the form of scholarships.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    medical expenses? because we know bama boosters provide everything else 😉


  3. ASEF

    If Prothro hadn’t been hurt, Shula might still be coaching in Ttown. Amazing how much rides on these players.


  4. ZeroPointZero

    He’s a bank teller in T-Town now. NFL draft pick to bank teller. That’s why they need to focus more on school. I’m not sure giving them a small piece of the pie is a good thing in the long run, for them. In my mind it makes them put school even further down the list of priorities and lets the coaches push it further down the list than they already do. Fix the 4 year scholarship issue. Feed them. More power in the hands of players. But pay for play will ruin more than it will help.


    • Merk

      They could do a 60/40 plan. The player receives 60% of what they are owed and will receive the other 40% if they graduate. This pushes kids who are not ready to stay and not go to the NFL for a shot at some quick money. It wont hurt any 1-3 round players as I’m sure the 40% loss will be not be too bad compared to their new paychecks.


    • Hackerdog

      You’re saying that paying Prothro $100k might have ruined his chances of becoming a bank teller?


      • ZeroPointZero

        No. I’m saying he was focused solely on football. He put all his eggs in one basket. I feel for him. I just think paying players will make them focus even more on football than they already do and even less on school. You know how few make it to the league. And sadly the majority that do make it are gone in a few years and broke. I fear paying players will unleash the law of unintended consequences. I was poor as he’ll in college. In hind sight it was likely a good thing. I rock stared on $20 in the late 80’s and 90’s. God only knows what I would have done with a serious bankroll.