“Personally… that’s what I’ve been talking about for years.”

What Al Gore is to the Internets, Paul Johnson says he is to the elimination of national signing day.  And exactly for the reasons you would expect.

“It would cut all the (crap) out of it. All those people who think they have offers would find out that they really don’t have offers. You know, if somebody walked in your school and said ‘You have an offer,’ the kid could say ‘OK, where is it? I’m ready to sign it.’ This would stop all this foolishness.

“And it would work the same way with the kids saying ‘Yeah, coach, I’m committed.’ The college says ‘OK, here’s your scholarship. Sign it.’ The kid says ‘Well, I don’t want to sign right now.’ Well then that kid is not committed. If a kid didn’t want to sign, they wouldn’t sign. And if he did sign, it’s binding. It would stop all this ‘He’s a soft commit.’ It’s not a commit, it’s a reservation.’

It’s not that he expects to gain an advantage on the recruiting trail from it.  He’s just personally affronted by the puffery.

Not that that makes it a bad idea.


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16 responses to ““Personally… that’s what I’ve been talking about for years.”


    I agree completely him here.


  2. Mayor

    I hate it when he’s right


  3. TennesseeDawg

    I agree completely. Let’s cut the bullshit and see who really is making and offer and who is really committed.


  4. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    A broken clock is still right 2x a day …


    • Lrgk9

      An inveterate pompass a$$ who is also very bright. In a conversation with him, mentioned that Van Gorder also loved and admired Erk Russell, he said unequivocally that Van Gorder didn’t even know Erk. To which I replied that Erk had lured Van Gorder to Ga Southern to reinstill accountability, and Van Gorder said to me personally that he loved Erk… To which he made Fish Face and started another conversation with somebody else.

      A smart, opinionated, pompass A$$…


  5. It will take more than that to remove the puffery. Kids might just go around collecting offers and create their own signing day where they make an announcement. Not all schools will have the hard nosed ‘take it or leave it’ policy that CPJ would have.

    Plus, there is big business tied up in signing day.


  6. 69Dawg

    As long as the schools and the kids knew that it was binding and there was no wiggle room, I’m for it. It would sure cut down on the offers to underclassman, unless the coach thought he had a guardian angel to watch over the kid his senior year. It would end the practice of so many schools that recruit by the old “throw them against the wall and see what sticks”. method. IF the kid is good enough to offer in the 11th grade, if he accepts then he should get it injury or not. I do think the schools should be allowed to limit the scholarship to one year on the 11th grade kids.


  7. wnc dawg

    I would love to see a kid be able to sign whenever he and the school thought it was a good fit.

    However, to keep it fair to the player, it would need to include an automatic full release clause if there was a head coaching change.


  8. i don’t understand why Paul gets so much grief on this board. I’ve always enjoyed his bitter, sarcastic personality and his refusal to regurgitate the same old coaching cliches after every game. I find him refreshing. Has there ever been a GT coach more entertaining? Pepper Rogers maybe….


    • Dog in Fla

      Old timers from several generations ago say Bobby Dodd was pretty entertaining if you could ever get him to talk about Bear Bryant


  9. Macallanlover

    He has been good to UGA, and has them in a tough very tough position to escape so I agree we should be kinder. Has set their program back years and with his “specialized” recruiting and the transition period will be even worse. He just makes you so damned miserable to watch or listen to with his sour puss attitude. If he had a little humor like Spurrier he would be easier to tolerate. Don’t see how the GT fans have taken it so long.


  10. T-rey594

    He can’t even have a simple conversation without being an arrogant, douche.