Friday morning buffet

Go get ’em, Tiger.


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22 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Chris Low has become one of the WWL insiders now – former objective beat writer who now toes whatever party line is that the Mouse wants covered.

  2. Spike

    Stay classy, Jay. While the world snickers at you.

  3. In Wilkerson’s other article I see where we have 11 players on the All SEC team. 4 of them at lb.

    • Cojones

      Two of them are 4th team (my memory could be wrong) and when reading Athlon yesterday, decided that Herrera was thrown in as an afterthought to their laziness/prejudice toward certain players (who certainly should be in the top 66 players in the SEC).

  4. Dog in Fla

    Only 15%? The Plan is working!

  5. uglydawg

    There are a lot of “undecideds” in Florida.
    And 55% of FSU fans approve of Jimbo? Didn’t the man just win a NC?
    There’s a flaw in this slaw. Either fan loyalty was not properly determined or there are a lot of people in Florida that are concerned about the Jamie Winston debacle(s).
    As for Elkins take on Clay Travis…he may be right in his catagorization of Travis, but he’s wrong on Finebaum… I think Travis has adapted the Don Rickles approach to entertainment to sports. He may be a genuis or an idiot, but he’s entertaining.

  6. Mayor

    The Georgia Tech linked article is quite interesting. Tech just can’t seem to get its act together. The 2013 schedule results are quite telling. Tech went 7-6 and the only teams the Jackets beat were doormats (they got Duke early before the Blue Devils gelled). Tech basically lost to every good football team the Jackets played last season. Tech has become a team that regularly wins 7 games a year and those wins are all against cupcakes and bottom division teams in the ACC.

    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      True … I recall last year PJ claiming that they were the 4th best team in the ACC … thing is they were like 2-8 against the top 3.

    • stoopnagle

      Watch where you lob those stones. It wasn’t long ago that meme was lassoed around our Dawgs. It’ll be interesting to see if this new defense, OL, and (relatively) new QB can handle a road game at SC.

      • Mayor

        You raise an interesting point, Stoop. If you throw out 2012 as an anomaly Georgia is sort of in the same place. 8-5 (2009), 6-7 (2010), 10-4 (2011)…8-5 (2013). Maybe not for as long a period as Tech and Georgia did have 2 wins over quality teams last season, USCe and LSU. And remember, part of Tech’s problem record-wise is that Tech can’t beat Georgia. Flip the results in that game and Georgia’s yearly records would be a lot more like the Tech yearly records.

    • Bulldawg Bill

      Seems like just yesterday, the NATS’ prez made the statement that 7 or 8 wins per season was just fine and that he didn’t expect anything more. Indeed!

  7. JAX

    Wilkerson would be a small safety, not that it’s a bad move. Just not a very big guy. Guess we need all the help we can get.

    The OL ranking is embarrassing.

    • Wilkerson would be a small safety, not that it’s a bad move. Just not a very big guy. Guess we need all the help we can get.

      Looks that way. I think Pruitt is scouring for players who can play, and have enough skills for the position, with the idea that somebody, maybe more than one guy, will show out and step forward.

      That they aren’t ideal size is a secondary concern at this point (pun unintended). He’s just looking for somebody who can play. Which, BTW, he didn’t have before all the attrition started, either. So it is nothing new. Matthews is just another guy out of the mix.

      The OL ranking is embarrassing.

      It really is. The paragraph under it is very bland as well, compared to the ones above it. But I think it’s where it should be, and it that Lowe did a good job with this list, IMO.

      That we haven’t been able to identify and/or recruit top OL in and around Georgia has been a stone in our shoe. If we can’t do it here in the Southeast, then go to Texas or California if you have to.

      Whatever, there’s no excuse for it. And it looks like we’ll miss out on the top targets in our backyard again this year. We’re just not anywhere close to where we should be with our OL, no matter how good this year’s unit turns out to be.

  8. reipar

    That Elkon guy must be a real blast to hang around with. Lighten up Francis.

  9. Dog in Fla

    Kimchi to 11? When Clay finds out about what Jacory tweeted about DPRK, he’ll have to have a food-taster for the Donkatsu of Death a/k/a Drop-Dead Donkatsu at Onnuriye Donkatsu located at 355-23 Shindaebang2-dong, Dongjak-gu, Little Los Angeles, Seoul (온누리에 돈까스, 서울특별시동작구 신대방2동, 355-23). Go to Sindaebangsamgeori station and leave exit 3. Go straight, and turn left at the CU. Then make a right at the next street and walk five minutes till you see a restaurant where the menu is literally on the ceiling inside and there are pictures of their famous breaded pork cutlets or donkatsus. Eat. Drink. When finished, head north to invade.

    • So you guys do get off of the boat?😉

      I’ll just pick up where you left off yesterday.

      I once worked for Lang Engineering and had the misfortune of working in the Ivory Coast. Stop over in Liberia. Those guys pinch you like you at the candy house in Hansel and Gretel. I once ate at Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan. I was there for two weeks, before I started work in Ferkessedougou. Careful letting a Frenchman order dinner for you. I ended up unknowingly consuming fruit bat in a pineapple and pepper sauce. Restaurant there was owned by a sharp Indian guy. Bhut Jolokia was his choice of pepper. I cried during that meal.

  10. Dawgfan Will

    Obviously, Chris Low was impressed the Gators’ form when they were blocking their own teammates last season.