The genius of the genius

Non-snarky question:  would Paul Johnson make an offer like this if college football followed his suggestion about this?

Second non-snarky question:  assuming Johnson would in that scenario, would Trent Sellers accept it?



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  1. For the first question, I don’t see why he wouldn’t. Not sure I understand the angle of the question?

    But for the second question, yeah, I don’t know. The kid might want to wait around and see if he got any other offers to consider. Which of course might hurt Johnson’s fee fee’s. 🙂


    • Are you going to sign a two-star guy who hasn’t really developed yet, has not produced anything to speak of, and was only a part-time player at his high school? That’s the question. You can always work your way out of an offer if the guy never develops, but now you have a commitment with potential with no obligation.


      • I don’t know, from the way the article was written and the quotes that were included, it sounds to me like the Tech coaches were sold on the kid, and wanted to jump in early. I just didn’t at all get the impression that the possibility of the kid actually signing right now would change that. Just like I bet Mizzou would have gladly let Ross and Brown sign early in the process last year, and saved the headache of worrying about late offers from bigger programs. I get what you’re saying about if the kids flame out their senior year, but I think those programs that are having trouble grabbing the top tier guys would gladly pull the trigger early on a guy that meets what they are looking for, by their criteria.

        Now your bigger schools would certainly hold off on offering fringe prospects too early, as opposed to how a lot of them act now. But in this case, if the Tech coaches aren’t just blowing smoke about trusting their own evaluations and not worrying about if other schools aren’t offering, I don’t see why they wouldn’t put an NLI in front of the kid today if they could.


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    So you’re asking if PJ would continue to offer players that don’t even start on their HS teams if there wasn’t some sort of slack time (NSD) b/w offer and signing a LOI?

    Yes because scarcity would kick in as he’d see all the actual starters flock to schools that have progressed past middle school offenses & he’d be stuck with guys like this …


  3. uglydawg

    Isn’t this typical of the CPJ ” I’m so smart, I’m always thinking out of the box..I do things differently” approach to things? It’s a risk, but he’s willling to take it. If the kid pans out, PJ will re-enforce the media meme that he’s a genius. And if the kids a flop, he’ll just sit the bench and nobody will notice.
    GT may hit a home run with this kid. But to make this a common part of your recruiting strategy would be very risky. I also wonder what effect it’s going to have on this kid and his HS team mates.


    • Macallanlover

      I know we make fun of the “genius” and “smart” labels regarding Fish Fry but it seems true some misguided souls actually buy into it. Despite his incredible lack of success, doesn’t it seem weird that in a time of multiplicity of looks and offensive variations he digs in and runs in the opposite direction? Bear Bryant created a successful way to pass off the Wishbone in the 70s, surely a HC this far into the 21st century can throw more from a variation of the Wishbone decades later. So the “genius” way to play offense is to be one-dimensional when you can add a second dimension by watching old black and white film?


    • Mark Bradley reads this, laughs dismissively, then starts singing the Mango Song “[He’s] gonna be a genius anyWAYheyAYay.”