Sunday morning buffet

Eh, what the heck.



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2 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Macallanlover

    With Atkinson not enrolled and our lack of depth at TE, how much does this change CMB’s offensive scheme? Does he add a much larger group of plays to scheme around it to take advantage of the available personnel, even if just to provide some rest for Rome? With the talent we have at receiver and RB I feel we spread the field much more than we have in the past and utilize RBs and HBs in the passing game to take pressure off the offensive line. We will still have receivers who can stretch the field to keep the defensive back honest.


  2. DugLite

    Wasn’t there a UGA grad out in California talking about creating a developmental football league in the South a couple of years ago? If I remember correctly the guy made a ton of money in the mortgage business or student loans.