Nobody’s fooling Herbstreit.

You can almost hear the **sniff** in this Tweet.

Of course, it only takes a couple more suspensions/dismissals to change that.


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20 responses to “Nobody’s fooling Herbstreit.

  1. Scott W.

    Must be great to talk out of both sides of yo mouf.


  2. Lrgk9

    Conversely, Herbie’s not fooling anybody else that he’s not an ESPN Hacklackey, except for himself of course.


  3. Vindex

    Hath anyone athked Lou Holth what he thinkth?


  4. CreswellKing

    What does he mean? That UGA and USC are supposed to be good and by being good, it won’t surprise anyone? Or that UGA and USC won’t be good enough to surprise anyone?


    • 3rdandGrantham

      The former—Its actually a compliment to us. I know Kirk gets a lot of heat here, and some of it is deserved given his MNC flip-flopping regarding Michigan and Georgia a few years back. But I can assure you that he has the utmost respect for UGA and CMR. He really likes UGA and we’re among his favorite programs overall (favorite overall in the SEC).

      Yes, he’s an OSU homer, but don’t forget he got the heck out of Columbus a few years back and moved to Nashville, mainly in effort to get away from all the OSU nutcases who were making his personal life miserable.


  5. sUGArdaddy

    I think he’s saying we won’t ‘surprise’ anyone, and I think he’s right. When you are loaded at WR and RB, have the best kicker in the SEC, the 2 top tackling LBs in the SEC coming back, upgraded tremendously at DC, and have arguably the best football player in CFB on your team, I don’t think you’re a surprise to anyone.

    Every team has holes. We focus on our OL and Secondary because we follow it so closely, but do you know the holes USCe has at QB and DL? They lost everyone on that DL. That have serious secondary concerns, too. Clemson lost almost all their play-making talent. Florida still has Driskell. There aren’t many teams that wouldn’t trade our lineup for theirs.

    Here’s a question: What QB will we play that is better that Hutson?

    Stoudt? No.
    Thompson? I don’t think so, but he’s got a little more experience.
    Mauk? No, despite his Athens heroics. He was dreadful otherwise.
    Driskell? Ha, that’s funny.
    Marshall? I mean, really. He’s fast. Would you trade him to play QB on our team? No, you can’t have him as a corner. Experiment failed.


    • HamDawg11

      Boom! +1


    • Macallanlover

      Very nice post. I feel Mauk is better than you think but he did lose a lot of the surrounding offensive talent. Yes, there is much to feel blessed about regarding UGA, but the questions are serious ones. How they get answered will determine how far this team can go.

      If it weren’t for the two Columbia trips we would be a clear favorite in the East, as it is we have as good as chance as anyone, with more upside potential, so I can see us being picked by many, and can understand the doubters. The secondary and “the breaks” will decide our fate, we have known it all along, Dawg fans just like to bring out our inner-Munson every time we read something positive.


      • Dog in Fla

        “Very nice post.”

        But not quite perfect. On a scale of 35 to 98, I’d give sUGArdaddy a 97 because it’s got a good beat and you can dance to it with a 1 point deduct because The Driskeling will surely be in the Heisman Hunt under Mr. Roper’s scheme by the time we play Florida


        • Macallanlover

          Never a “perfect” post on GTP, too many geniuses scattered all over the globe, but sUGA consistently comes as close as any. As for Driskeling, he will certainly be better than all the disdaining Dawgs hope but a Heisman candidate on that offensive squad facing the Bama, LSU, and FSU defenses means you have been around too many Gay-tors, or out in the sun too long down in the Sunshine State.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Coming off of 8-5 and all the fundamental problems we have to fix in the program, a top 5 finish will definitely be a surprise.

    A very pleasant surprise.


  7. CannonDawg

    I don’t know what Herbstreit thinks of UGA, and I don’t really care. Same with Mark May (aka Mayday, as one shouts into the mic before following with “my plane’s on fire and I’m in a flat spin”). And Brent Musburger (on football or young women)? Nah. Or Gary Danielson? Nope. I only care what Erin Andrews thinks. Deeply. And forever. 🙂


  8. dawgfan37

    As long as Scott Howard remains our play-by-play announcer, we will never get over the top!