These are a few of my favorite plays (of 2013), a series.

Here’s a play I like very much, but not just for the obvious reason:

This clip does a nice job showing the devastating blocking on the line that sprung Gurley for that 75-yard TD jaunt… although the way Gurley outran the DB who had a 7-yard drop on him was pretty special, too.

Anyway, the o-line, with some help from Hicks and Lynch, demolished a very good Clemson defensive line on that play.  The ability is there; it’s the consistency that Georgia lacked at times last season.



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12 responses to “These are a few of my favorite plays (of 2013), a series.

  1. Offensive line consistency – something we have needed for years. This line could be devastating like this or look like they had never played together. You don’t generate the offensive stats we have without good line play, but their lack of consistency was maddening.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    My thanks to whoever ended that clip before the end zone celebration.


  3. Clemson’s 11 got all turned around. lol


  4. Ben

    I love the way our team looks in their white tops. And this play, maybe more than any other for us in our season, summarizes the idea of “the football gods giveth, and the football gods taketh away.”


  5. JasonC

    Good thing they weren’t calling holding last year. Lynch had a handful of jersey. But still a great run.


    • Gatriguy

      I thought the same thing, but he was in tight enough that they aren’t going to call that. That explosion is remarkable. Hopefully Gurley can stay at that weight. When he is, he’s a beast to bring down.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    If the change in culture takes hold, so will the consistency.

    Do it til you get it right, or someone else – Will.


  7. DeputyDawg

    First half of the Florida game last year was a great example of O-Line potential. The line made Gurley look a little better than he probably should have coming off the ankle injury… other than that long pass play for the second TD. That one was all Gurley.


  8. Damn thing of beauty right there. Solid fundamentals mixed with physical talent never gets old. Better in my opinion that watching Knowshon dodge two poorly blocked defensive players in the backfield before springing a long run.


  9. Spike

    JasonC is right! Artie was holding.. 🙂


  10. The ability is there; it’s the consistency that Georgia lacked at times last season.

    No doubt about that.

    FWIW, I agree that the ability is there, but it’s somewhat limited. For example, on this play, which is wholly beautiful OL play, Andrews gets the key block downfield on the MLB, juuust gets enough of a piece to slow him down.

    The point is, Andrews had BARELY enough speed and quickness to dive at the Mike’s feet. And Andrews moves better than several of the others. That’s just one thing, but add it all up and it limits us compared to top OL’s. For us to play at the level we need against top-tier teams, we have to play to our OL potential, pretty much max out, as we did vs. South Carolina last year.

    But that consistency isn’t there, because we can’t max out the OL every game. That’s one cause. And there are the other usual ones as well .. bad day, not mentally sharp, whatever.

    Anyway, that’s how I see the inconsistency. And why we need to recruit more elite OL. Stick 2 elite guys into that same OL, replacing the two most sluggish guys, and you’ve changed the whole ballgame.