Caesar’s wife never served on the playoff selection committee.

Jeff Long posts “SECSECSECSEC!!!” Tweet, then gets into Twitter debate with Team Speed Kills blogger Year2.

Looks like that whole perception thing goes straight over his head.  But at least he’s transparent!

(h/t Eleven Warriors)


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8 responses to “Caesar’s wife never served on the playoff selection committee.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Apparently, neither perception nor impartial means what I thought they meant.


  2. Daniel Simpson Day

    I suppose the “What if Georgia wins the SECC and still gets left out of the playoffs” meme is dead. Jeff Long will beat Slive to the punch for that. SECSECSEC……


  3. DawgPhan

    haters gonna hate.


  4. Gravidy

    I imagine someone has already whispered in Mr. Long’s ear about this. Of course, I’m assuming someone in the Playoff Intelligentsia is smart enough to see a problem with it. On second thought, never mind.


  5. Graham

    Amazing that Long would respond to someone blogging from their mom’s basement.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Global Jihad on Jeff (GJOJ)

    Zero Ten Thirty Nine
    Contol Tower
    The Farm
    Condi’s Command Centre

    Condi sees her opening however slight and orders young interns to prepare battle plan for penetration in coup attempt to overthrow SEC Jeff.

    Condi is toned, rested and ready to take over as Dear Leader of Selection Committee after SEC Jeff’s self-immolation by losing twitter debate with Florida blogger @Year2 notwithstanding fact that in college baseball teams do settle it on the field unlike the tourney teams in what will be the Selection Committee’s field of dreams.

    Slive has already scrambled his sierra whiskey alpha tango dance team to board G5 crop dusters to implement Plan B to prevent United States of America from repeat disaster of having Notre Dame appear in final game again, this time against Stanford, not Nick.

    Mike knows the key to Plan B is to use whatever means necessary to keep Condi from seizing control of the Selection Committee. First, the dance team members are outfitted in W and Nixon masks like the surfer dudes in Point Break. Mike hatches the emergency plan in his surround sound SEC Situation Room


  7. Joe Schmoe

    BTW, does long get a bonus if Arkansas wins the natty? Wouldn’t that be an explicit conflict of interest (as opposed to the numerous otherwise implicit ones)?