Money makes you crazee.

Today in O’Bannon, we’ve got SEC #2 dude Greg Sankey, who’s engaged in a series of throw them against the wall and see what sticks defenses of the NCAA and amateurism.

This one’s my favorite so far.

So, when they graduate, gettin’ paid no longer stresses ’em out?

Do it for the children, Judge Wilken.



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11 responses to “Money makes you crazee.

  1. It sure does make Athletic Departments crazee

    “Survey after survey points the finger for lower attendance not at cell phone service or HDTV, but squarely at the decisions of athletic departments nationwide. Fans are fed up paying steakhouse prices for junk food opponents, while enduring endless promotions. The more college football indulges the TV audience, the more fans paying to sit in those seats feel like suckers.”


  2. sniffer

    I could look this up, I guess, but isn’t O’Bannon about compensation for name, likeness and something else? This isn’t about the schools coming out of pocket to pay the players, is it? How would adding a dollar to the price of every jersey or video game cost the NCAA or member schools anything?

    Sorry, Senator, this isn’t exactly to your point, I know.


  3. Rp

    As a side note, another one of my favorite (political) columns just went behind a paywall as a lot of UGA related news sites have recently. I hope all of this does not inspire the Senator to forfeit his amateur (semi-pro) status and erect a paywall. There isn’t much left these days.


  4. Dog in Fla

    The best things in life like study hall are free


  5. Mg4life0331

    All I can do is lol. Wow, these guys. Is this even real? Senator, you make me feel like you are quoting “The Onion”


  6. More Dawgs, less NCAA trial please.