It could happen to you.

Noting that 12 first-year starting quarterbacks have played for the national title in the BCS era (including each of the past five seasons), Athlon suggests the possibility for Hutson Mason.



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10 responses to “It could happen to you.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    How many years now have we heard Georgia as the “darkhorse” or “experts” pick to win the NC?


  2. CannonDawg

    The Tee Martin case interests me the most. Peyton broke the records but didn’t win a championship, and Tee gets his lone shot and walks away with the biggest prize. Murray/Mason? Let’s hope so. BTW, Aaron handled FLA better than Peyton.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Do people actually buy publications like this? I guess somebody does, they keep putting them on the racks. The last vestige of “pre-Web” sports journalism.

    That low rumbling noise you hear is the tom-toms in The Bitches’ living room.


  4. Rp

    If we win the NC with Hutson Mason at QB, half of our fanbase will spend the offseason bitching about how we could have won 3 more if Richt had started Mason earlier (over that incompetent boob, Murray).

    It will be glorious.


  5. This is why Mason dropped his Twitter account and is limiting his exposure to all social media.


    • Yep.

      I think all of our players should do it. The last thing any of our guys right now, at this stage of their development and our teams’, is to hear how great they are. There was a lot of hot air coming out of Athens last summer, even by players who had never seen the field. And predictably, that’s all it turned out to be – hot air.

      Hutson’s move is a rare exception, I’m afraid. But it’s the smart play. And demonstrates his mental maturity.


  6. Mayor

    In a perverse sort of way the injury to Murray helps because Mason now has basically 3 games under his belt and won’t be thrown out there for the first time against Clemson. I have a good feeling about the 2014 team.